Install Flash in Ubuntu 13.10

This tutorial is a detailed guide on how to install Flash in Ubuntu, specifically Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander. I documented three ways to do it, two methods covering installing from the official repositories and one method for installing it manually from the official website. Screenshots for beginners on how to use the USC are also available.

Flash-Aid Add-on - Painless and Proper Flash Installation in Firefox

I guess this has been around for some time, however I was not aware of it. I bumped into it in a thread on UbuntuForums, and decided to give it a try.

2 Ways to Install the Latest Flash in Ubuntu 11.04

In this tutorial I'll explain two different methods of installing the latest version of Flash Player in Ubuntu Natty Narwhal. The first one is the manual way, which means we will have to download the Flash plugin from the Adobe website and copy it manually in the ~/.mozilla directory. The second way is straightforward by using Ubuntu's multiverse repositories.

Easily Install Google Earth, TeamViewer, Dropbox, IBM Lotus Symphony And Many More In Ubuntu 10.10 Using The Super OS Repository

Super OS 10.10, a modified version of Ubuntu has been released today and with it, the Super OS repository I was telling you about a while back has also been updated to support Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat.

Flash Player 10.1 Release Candidate Available For Download

Flash Player 10.1 release candidate (32bit only) is available for download.

2 Ways Of Playing YouTube Videos Without Flash With Just One Click

There are other ways of doing this, like:
- a Greasemonkey script which replaces the Flash Player on websites with VLC or Mplayer but that was kind of buggy;

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Beta 3 (32bit) Released [Ubuntu Installation Instructions]

Adobe just released the 3rd beta of their Flash Player 10.1 plugin.

To install this latest version in Linux, simply paste this in a terminal:

How-To: Install Flash Player 10.1 Beta 2 in Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Beta 2 was released earlier this year, on December 17 at the Adobe MAX 2009. This release comes with several new features and numerous bug fixes.

New Releases: Adobe AIR 2 Beta / Flash Player 10.1 Prerelease

Adobe announced the beta release of AIR 2.0, the next iteration of the AIR platform.

New Adobe AIR 2.0 beta features include:

- Support for the detection of mass storage devices.
- Advanced networking capabilities like secure sockets, UDP support, and the ability to listen on sockets.

How To Install Flash Player 10.0.32 The Right Way [Ubuntu Linux]

For some reason, flash doesn't want to be upgraded on my computer using Synaptic. If this also occurs for you, here is how to install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player (10.0.32) the Ubuntu way. Open a terminal and paste the following commands:

Experiencing Choppy Videos in Firefox? Try This Platform Independent Fix

Firefox backs up your tabs every 10 seconds and this can cause videos to stutter or Firefox to become unresponsive. Setting the interval to a higher number will fix the problem (at least it did for me).

Adobe Released An Alpha Version Of Flash Player 10 for Linux x86_64 (64 bit)

Yesterday, Adobe released an alpha version of Flash Player plug-in version 10 for x86_64 architecture. This is a prerelease version of the Adobe® Flash® Player 10 software 64-bit Linux platforms.

Speed Up Flash and Firefox in Ubuntu Jaunty [Tips & Tricks]

The post describes 2 tricks for optimizing Firefox and Flash in Linux. Read on for details...

How to Enable Flash Support for Chromium in Ubuntu Linux

Though you can now enable Flash on Google Chrome for Mac, the Linux still doesn't have support. However, if you're willing to run Chromium instead of the official Google build, you're in luck.

How To Fix Full-Screen Flash Videos in Linux & Firefox (or Swiftfox)

By default, Firefox (or Swiftfox) crashes when trying to view a full-screen video on say... YouTube. At least for me it used to crash until I found a fix and from what I've understand it's got something to do with the graphic card drivers and it's affecting both nVidia and ATI. If that is the case for you also, you may want to read on.

Test Drive Adobe Flash Player 10 RC in Ubuntu

Earlier this month Adobe released a Flash Player 10 release candidate ( for Linux. Over the previous betas, this release has improvement performance, fixes bugs, better V4L2 camera input, and fixes fullscreen video playback. It’s not likely that Flash Player 10 RC will make it into Ubuntu 8.10 because of the feature freeze.

Flash Player 10

Flash Player 10 beta 2 was released on 7/2/2008 and includes new features and bug fixes. Adobe Flash Player 10, code-named "Astro," introduces new expressive features and visual performance improvements that allow interactive designers and developers to build the richest and most immersive Web experiences.  These new capabilities also empower the community to extend Flash Player and to take creativity and interactivity to a new level.

Test Drive Flash Player 10 Beta in Ubuntu

Adobe has released the Flash Player 10 Beta simultaneously for Linux, Mac, and Windows. This version includes performance improvements, new 3D transformations, Adobe Pixel Bender filters, streaming video improvements, and new text layout capabilities.

Adobe releases Adobe Flash Player 10 beta for Linux

Adobe Systems is reaching out for Linux desktop users with its announcement today that the first beta of Adobe Flash Player 10, a.k.a. Astro, is now available for Linux, as well as Windows and Mac OS X.

Stop Flash From Locking System Audio

I’ve found that loading a Flash applet in Firefox will cause Firefox to lock my whole system’s audio playback. Audio and video in Totem don’t even start to play when this happens. Until Firefox is closed, the only application that can play audio is Flash.

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