Fix your desktop shortcuts

Kiven of That Damn PC wrote about improving your desktop layout in Windows by reducing the number of mouse clicks you have. I also do the same thing on Linux. I put the icons of the apps I commonly use on Gnome panel.

Fix Dark Video Playback

For a while I had been noticing that video playback in both Totem and VLC was too dark. Using VLC I could manually adjust the brightness to watch videos normally. Today, I found how to fix the problem.

Fix the SSH “Remote Host Identification Has Changed” Error

Every SSH server uses a random key to identify itself. When SSH is installed a new key is generated. SSH clients keep track of the host key, if it changes the user can be warned that they might not be connecting to the computer they think they are. Most of the time this happens when the SSH server or the OS are reinstalled.

How to fix your Windows MBR with an Ubuntu liveCD

Something happen to a windows Master Boot Record (MBR) that you’re responsible for? Want a very quick, very easy way to restore it with nothing but your craft, native intelligence and a liveCD?

Manually install Adobe Flash / Temporary flashplugin-nonfree fix

I realized the other day that the flashplugin-nonfree package appears to be broken.  It’ll act like its installing but at the end, if you pay close attention, it’ll give an error about the md5sum not matching and give up.  This applies to installing the package manually or via the browser notification itself.  I wanted to post a temporary fix while we wait for the package to be updated.

Fix for Master password expose for Pidgin

Pidgin is an instant messaging program for Windows, Linux, BSD, and other Unixes. Pidgin stores you passwords in plain text in ~/.purple/accounts.xml. Someone can easily boot into recovery mode while you are away and find your passwords in plain text.

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