Patch KernelCheck To Make It Work Again [Ubuntu/Debian]

KernelCheck is a a program that automatically compiles and installs the latest Kernel for Debian based Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, etc.). The program also allows for automatic installation of proprietary video drivers via EnvyNG.

"Dependency is not satisfiable: libnss3-1d" Google Chrome Fix For Ubuntu Linux

I recently got the following error while trying to install the latest Google Chrome dev build on Ubuntu Jaunty:
Dependency is not satisfiable: libnss3-1d

MP3 Diags Fixes Your MP3 Files, Adds Track Information

MP3 Diags is a GUI-based application running on Windows and Linux that allows end-users to identify issues with their MP3 files, fix some of the issues and make other changes (identifies more than 50 different issues in MP3 files and provides the means to fix many of them), like adding track information. It also lets you "look inside" an MP3 file.

Program Which Automatically Compiles and Install The Latest Kernel in Ubuntu / Debian: KernelCheck

KernelCheck is a a program that automatically compiles and installs the latest Kernel for Debian based Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, etc.). The program also allows for automatic installation of proprietary video drivers via EnvyNG.


ALSA Upgrade Script for Debian / Ubuntu

We posted instructions for upgrading ALSA on Ubuntu to version 1.0.20 but there are a lot of steps to follow so for this reason I searched for an alternative and found a script on the (thanks to soundcheck)

Experiencing Choppy Videos in Firefox? Try This Platform Independent Fix

Firefox backs up your tabs every 10 seconds and this can cause videos to stutter or Firefox to become unresponsive. Setting the interval to a higher number will fix the problem (at least it did for me).

How to Upgrade to Alsa 1.0.20 on Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04

Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (known by the acronym ALSA) is a Linux kernel component intended to replace the original Open Sound System (OSS) for providing device drivers for sound cards.

Sound Muted After Restart in Ubuntu (Gnome) Fix

I've been having some problems recently with the sound in Ubuntu Linux (Jaunty).

Fix / Restore GRUB Boot Loader

Unfortunately, maintaining a multi-boot configuration like this can be a pain, especially if you later install an operating system which overwrites the GRUB boot loader you had in place (such as a version of Windows). If your boot loader is overwritten, you could be left with no choice but to boot the most recently installed OS.

Ubuntu Jaunty Doesn't Show When Updates Are Available Fix

Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope doesn't show the update icon in the system tray when there are updates available. This is because the update system was changed in Ubuntu Jaunty: [...]

Fix for Flickering Fullscreen Application with Compiz

I’ve been using Firefox’s fullscreen mode on my Eee PC to get the maximum amount of vertical screen space possible. I noticed that the screen flickers black briefly whenever a tooltip or right click menu is displayed. All fullscreen applications seem to be affected.

Fix: Ubuntu .dmrc permissions error on login

I thought this would be valuable to some of you that are new to Ubuntu. Being rather new to this Ubuntu Linux thing myself, I have struggled to get the terminal commands for fixing the .dmrc permissions issue just right.

Fix boot GUI resolution in Ubuntu

Everytime I install Ubuntu, my usplash (the boot GUI) is 640x480. So here is howto make the usplash resolution fit your display resolution:

IMPORTANT: OpenSSL & OpenSSH Vulnerabilities : Confirm & Fix Instructions

I’m sure many of you have heard by this point that there is a reported vulnerability in openSSL and openSSH.  The basis of this is that they keys that are generated when you use these tools (ie; installing openssh-server, etc) are generated in a weak manner and can be prone to simple brute force attacking.

Stop Flash From Locking System Audio

I’ve found that loading a Flash applet in Firefox will cause Firefox to lock my whole system’s audio playback. Audio and video in Totem don’t even start to play when this happens. Until Firefox is closed, the only application that can play audio is Flash.

Fix for Video Playback Problem in Compiz-Fusion

While running Compiz-Fusion, You wouldn’t be able to see any video play while either moving the window, viewing desktops in expo, 3d cube, or any other cool effect for that matter; instead you would see a blue screen, including when viewing in full screen.

Fixing the grammar glitch in Ubuntu Hardy

Last year Nanci posted that there were grammar checking tools for, the wonderful open source office suite, that takes care of one of the most glaring omissions and deal breakers in people looking for a cheaper alternative to Microsoft Office. Unfortunately there seems to be a bit of a glitch with it in Ubuntu Hardy. Luckily there is an easy way to fix it.

Fix the Ubuntu Clipboard Problem

In Ubuntu, there is an infamous issue with the Gnome clipboard manager. (Actually, it’s not even decent enough to be called a “clipboard manager.”) Many people face extremely annoying problems of losing data when copying and pasting, especially when the copied source is closed. Ironically, this problem has not been fixed in the recently released 8.04 Hardy Heron.

Fix for suspend and hibernation problem for Laptops

You might have noticed that the suspend and hibernation function in ubuntu/kubuntu won’t work. While there’s no official fix, you might find this work around helpful.

Use your Ubuntu partition to fix a corrupt registry on a Windows XP partition

Here’s the scenario. You have a dual boot machine, Ubuntu on one side, Windows on the other. You’re tooling around, doing your thing and then one day you boot into Windows and get this:

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