GUFW Is An Easy To Use UFW (Uncomplicated Firewall) Graphical User Interface

UFW (Uncomplicated Firewall) is the default firewall (iptables) configuration tool for Ubuntu and while it's a great tool, it might scare those not very familiar with the command line.

Iptables Graphical Front End: Vuurmuur

Vuurmuur is graphical front end for famous firewall software iptables. You can make complex firewall rules in simple steps. Vuurmuur supports traffic shaping, has powerful monitoring features, which allow the administrator to look at the logs, connections and bandwidth usage in real-time.

Setting Up An Iptables Firewall On Ubuntu With Firehol

Everybody, who tried to configure an iptables firewall knows, that it can be quite a PITA. firehol is a tool that helps us to configure iptables according to our needs. In this How-To, I will discribe how to set up an iptables firewal using firehol that only allows SSH and ICMP (the protocol responsible for ping and traceroute). Also, only incoming connections are filtered, and outgoing connections are allowed.

Setup a Software Firewall in Linux using Firestarter


One of the great features included in Linux is the IPtables firewall. Unfortunately, its command-line use is rather complex, and it can be intimidating for even experienced Linux users to configure it. Firestarter is a friendly graphical interface that allows you to configure a software firewall in Linux using the built-in IPtables/IPchains utilities.

[old] Ubuntu 8.04 “Hardy” Quick Review - Uncomplicated Firewall

I installed Ubuntu 8.04 “Hardy” Alpha 4 a day or two ago and I finally got some time to poke around with some of the new features. The new features that are of the most interest to me are the security related features such as firewalling, SELinux, etc.

Ubuntu Security

I am writing this guide as a concerned member of the Ubuntu Community. Security is a concern for us all and in welcoming new (and experienced) users to Ubuntu I would like to demystify the complexities of security that come with your new OS.

Where can I download a free firewall?

Free firewalls have become very common and represent an excellent alternative to commercial firewall packages.

Most of these firewalls run under some form of Linux, FreeBSD, or OpenBSD.

Many of these free firewalls are front-ends for the lower-level firewall packages which ship with these operating systems, such as pf (Packet Filter), ipf (IPFilter), ipfw (IPFirewall), and iptables.

Free firewall packages which you can download include:

tcptraceroute, A way to make traceroutes with firewalls in the middle of the path

Today I want to show you a real good network administration tool, if you do network administration, you should use ping and traceroute to check whenever a host is alive or not.

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