9 tweaks for Firefox 3’s location bar

While Firefox 3’s location bar is perhaps my personal favorite new feature and the one I missed the most when I have to use Firefox 2 for some testing, there are a lot of people who find it weird, obtrusive and don’t like it including bookmarks and history among its results.

Firefox News Roundup!

Firefox 3.0 released as browser climbs the charts
Statistics show Firefox 3 spreading fast
Firefox 3’s First 24 Hours
Code execution vulnerability found in Firefox 3.0
Firefox 3 mentioned on the Colbert Report

First Look at Firefox 3.0 for Linux

If you were waiting for Firefox 3.0, be glad, as the wait is now over! The final release is available for download, and you probably want to help Mozilla set that world record, so start downloading!

Firefox 3 launch day edition!

We’re done! Firefox 3 is being launched today after having been in development for roughly three years. Contributed to by thousands of people — developers, designers, localizers, testers, marketers, user supporters and documentation writers — Firefox 3 has been produced by one of the greatest open source communities in the world. We’re all extremely proud of it and incredibly excited to finally get it into the hands of millions of people.

Firefox extensions to bring back the dead

Don't you find it irritating when a Web page you bookmarked or favorited returns a 404 error on a subsequent visit? Or when a Web site is temporarily down? Firefox extensions Resurrect Pages and 404: Page is Not Found? Now it will be! can help in such scenarios. While Resurrect Pages relies on several popular page cache sites, 404: Page is Not Found uses the Wayback Machine at Internet Archive to serve the dead pages.

Don’t forget to be part of Firefox’s Download Day!

Don’t forget to be part of Firefox’s Download Day!

The official date for the launch of Firefox 3 is

Firefox Or Flock? Or Both?

With a release candidate of Firefox 3 upon us and the final version set to drop sometime in June, I'm finding myself a bit torn: Do I upgrade to FF3 once it's fully baked, or stay with my current browser?  What makes the dilemma all the tougher is that my current browser isn't Firefox 2 -- well, it is, sort of, but not really.  It's Flock, which serves as great proof of how open source can allow the creation of excellent derivative products.

Change Firefox 3's URL bar behavior

Mozilla, makers of Firefox, a popular alternative to Safari on many users' machines, will very shortly release Firefox 3--the product is currently at release candidate stage, which typically means a final release is imminent. The latest version of Mozilla's browser includes a number of new features to make browsing faster, easier, and perhaps even more fun. I covered some of those features, along with other changes, in a recent first look at Firefox 3 based on the fourth beta release of the browser.

Ubuntu Forums Menu Firefox Extension

Ubuntu is relatively a new operating system and Windows users who want to try Ubuntu have a lot questions which need to be answered. For such users I have a perfect Firefox extension thats going to make it easy for them to find questions and answers related to Ubuntu of any sort.

Gmail Manager - Firefox Extension

I want to write a little about this good Firefox extension, maybe lots of you already know it, but for those who does not, here it goes.

Make Older Add-Ons Work with Firefox 3.0

If you're willing to risk instability, a simple preference hack can bring out-of-date browser extensions back to life. If you're like me, you've been playing around with the beta releases of Firefox 3.0. The new version of the open source browser is better-looking, uses less memory, and feels snappier all around. There's just one problem: Every time they release a new beta version, some of your extensions and add-ons are bound to stop working. With the release of Firefox 3.0rc1, almost none of them work.

How to install Firefox 3 RC1 in Ubuntu Hardy

To install Firefox 3 RC1 on Ubuntu Hardy, go ti System > Administration > Software Sources. Then go to Third-Party Software, click Add, and add this:

Firefox 3 RC 1: A Guided Tour

As we noted earlier today, after five beta versions have gone through testing, Mozilla has delivered Release Candidate 1 (RC1) of version 3 of the Firefox browser, for Windows, the Mac and Linux. I've been using all the previous beta versions, and while I'm still frustrated that I can't use my extensions with RC1, the rendering speed is so much faster than previous versions that I'm ready to use it as my main browser most of the time. It is still pre-release software, but the speed and several of the new features are truly welcome additions to almost everybody's favorite open source browser. Here's a tour of what's under the hood.

Firefox 3 is coming - is it everything we hoped for?

There is no official release date as yet, but Mozilla's vice president of engineering announced on the Mozilla Developer Center blog that they are hoping for a release date in late May. Firefox has made big waves in the web browser market over the last few years and - according to a BBC blog by Rory Cellan-Jones - Mozilla Europe's President, Tristan Nitot claims it is getting close to a 30% share of the browser market. It seems that clear that Firefox has taken a big dent out of Microsoft's browser monopoly in the ongoing Firefox/Explorer battle.

Mozilla Nearing the Finish Line for Firefox 3.0

Mozilla is nearing the finish line for the latest version of its open source browser. Firefox 3.0 was initially planned for launch by the end of 2007, but Mozilla pushed the delivery deadline back all the way to mid 2008 in an effort to soften all the rough edges of the browser.

Firefox reached 29% share in Europe

XiTi Monitor has released the latest numbers on browsers utilization in Europe and the rest of the world, announcing it has reached about 29% in March 2008.

Ubuntu 8.04: the real deal

Thoughts on a fresh upgrade to the new Ubuntu 8.04, Hardy Heron

Restore Your Missing/Deleted Smart Bookmarks Folder in Firefox 3

If you've started using the beta of Firefox 3, you've probably already seen the new Smart Bookmarks folder that is created by default. This folder can be useful for looking up sites you just visited or bookmarked… but how do you get it back if you accidentally deleted it?

Easy Customization of Firefox With Configuration Mania

Power Firefox users will know that they can ‘hack’ the Firefox via the about:config option. However, most of us out there don’t even know the existence of about:config, and for those who do, there is another issue of understanding the technical jargons and find out what the settings do.

Firefox 3 Beta Review: A Disappointment

I’ve been testing the latest release of Firefox since my last article, which discussed the areas Mozilla needed to work on. Overall, it looks and feels like the last release. Undoubtedly, there have been marked improvements made in the security and stability of the application. But to be honest, I was right about one prediction - a total lack of offering anything compelling over the previous release.

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