5 Useful Tips to Customise Firefox 3

Firefox is the most popular application for viewing web pages on Linux, being the browser of choice for over 70% of the Linux users. In this article I will explain 5 of the most useful and used tips in Firefox, together with screenshots where I considered necessary.

Firefox 3.1 "three times faster" than predecessor

Firefox 3.1 could run web apps almost three times faster than previous version, according to the Mozilla Foundation.

Firefox 2 about to get a major update

Starting a little later tonight, users with the latest version of Firefox 2 will be getting an offer to update to Firefox 3. If you’re running Firefox you will see the offer in the next couple of days, though if you’re eager you can always “Check for Updates” in the “Help” menu. This is what the offer will look like:


Mozilla names best Firefox 3 add-ons

Mozilla Corp. today announced the winners of its third "Extend Firefox" contest, an annual competition that recognizes the year's best Firefox add-ons.

Finding tabs with the awesome bar?

If it’s not rare for you to have 20, 30 or 40 tabs opened at a time, you know how much of a burden it can be to get back to the one you need: you have to remember where it was in the tab bar and scroll it accordingly, or scan the List All Tabs menu.

Mozilla Corp. today announced the winners of its third “Extend Firefox” contest

Mozilla Corp. today announced the winners of its third “Extend Firefox” contest, an annual competition that recognizes the year’s best Firefox add-ons.

18 Tools to Turn Firefox 3 into a Communications Portal

Firefox can be made into so much more than just a browser via its huge extension base.  Yes, this means you can replace some of your instant messenger, chat and microblogging needs by adding just a few extensions. Here are 18 tools that will let you turn your Firefox 3 browser into a communications portal.

Three Firefox extensions for Gmail

Gmail, Google's popular Web mail application, is already full of useful features all on its own. But Firefox users can further customize Gmail with a variety of add-ons. Some only change the appearance, while others add functionality that makes Gmail more like a personal planner than just a plain old email application. Let's take a look at three Firefox add-ons for Gmail.

FEBE - Backup your entire Firefox profile!

Firefox Environment Backup Extension, better known in the community as FEBE is a Firefox extension that has served me well for a long time now. It does as its name would suggest, you are given the option to selectivly backup elements of your profile, or the entire thing. Mine has been scheduled to do so every evening, keeping at least a weeks worth.

My top 5 Firefox 3 themes

My top 5 Firefox 3 themes

1. Past Modern - my favourite.


Mozilla officially scores a world record

They did it -- Mozilla now holds the world record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours, according to Jamie Panas, press and marketing assistant at Guinness World Records.

The 12 best Firefox 3.0 tweaks

Firefox 3.0 is great, but to make it even better check out these functions and features. Each can be altered or tweaked to make your web-browsing experience near perfect.

Two great time-saving tips for Firefox 3

You have likely heard it a million times already, Firefox 3 is a very nice improvement over version 2, especially in the performance department. And while many still prefer to stick to their own improved versions of Opera and Safari (sorry IE, you are a disgrace right now), Firefox is by far the most used alternative browser. I believe that comes in part thanks to its flexibility for customization and the myriad of useful add-ons you can get for it.

Install Adobe Acrobat Plugins For Firefox

I recently blogged about installing the Adobe Acrobat Reader on Ubuntu 8.04.  For those that followed that tutorial you may also be interested in adding the Firefox plugins for Adobe Reader as well.  These will also require the Medibuntu repository, which I’ll review quickly here.

Security Features of Firefox 3.0

Lets take a look at the security features of the newly released Firefox 3.0. Since it's release on Tuesday I have been testing it out to see how the new security enhancements work and help in increase user browsing security. One of the exciting improvements for me was how Firefox handles SSL secured web sites while browsing the Internet. There are also many other security features that this article will look at. For example, improved plugin and addon security.

Will users Flock to Flock 2.0 with FireFox 3 integration?

Flock is what is known as a social browser. It has been around for a while, with a couple of notable upgrades and feature additions. One such feature addition involved going green as FlockEco. This next iteration of Flock brings FireFox 3 capabilities to it while leaving many of the social aspects intact.

Firefox 3 and Color Management

Firefox 3 supports color profiles, but you have to turn this setting on manually. There are some great blog posts that describe this in detail, which you should read for more information, but this "feature" greatly improves the accuracy of the colors.

Streamlined Firefox 3 makes browsing safer, more productive

Desktop users, developers, and reviewers all had their download managers aimed at the Firefox Web site Monday to grab Firefox 3 as soon as it launched and also help Mozilla set a world record. World record or not, the latest Firefox release is a world-class Web browser. It looks impressive, renders text and images better than its predecessor, and helps you browse safely. But while it delivers pages faster by cutting down crucial milliseconds, its memory footprint (in unscientific tests) is still as big as a yeti.

Opera 9.5 gives Firefox 3 a run for its money

Two of the most popular Linux browsers were unveiled this month after years of development -- the open source Firefox 3 and the proprietary Opera 9.5. Opera's launch a week before Firefox was like any other launch, unlike Firefox's much publicized world record attempt. But Opera 9.5 is no less revolutionary than Firefox, matching its open source rival feature for feature, from security-related enhancements to improved multilingual text rendering.

Browser bruiser: Opera 9.5 versus Firefox 3

Two of the four major browsers have undergone some big changes in the past two weeks. Firefox 3 is, of course, the big news of the week, pulling down eight million or so downloads in its first 24 hours in the wild. However, the Opera browser updated to its much-awaited version 9.5 last week. Since both of them have got game but for different reasons, let's take a look at how they match up.

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