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Display Multiple Folders Content In One Directory With Nautilus Easy Union

Nautilus Easy Union is a Nautilus extension (comes as a stand-alone application too, but it requires Nautilus anyway) that allows you to create a "union point" which is basically a folder that displays the contents of other (multiple) directories. You can use it for easily accessing all your pictures, music, videos or other files from a single location.

Nautilus Review in Ubuntu 10.10 Beta

There is always a lot of debate whether which file manager is the 'best' for the Linux desktop.

Install Nautilus Elementary In Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat

Install Midnight Commander (MC) 4.7.3 In Ubuntu

Double Commander Is A Nice Total Commander Alternative For Linux (But Also Works On Windows)

double commander linux qt

Best Linux File Manager

Thanks to Bill's suggestion, this week's poll is: best Linux file manager.

Xfe - Fast & Lightweight File Manager for the X Window System

Xfe (X File Explorer) is a wonderful, fast and lightweight file manager for Linux built using the FOX toolkit with a customisable interface which can resemble the twin-panel style of Midnight Commander if needed.

Thunar File Manager Review - Good, Lightweight Alternative to Nautilus

Thunar is a lightweight file manager included in the Xfce desktop environment. It has a simpler interface compared to Nautilus, the default file manager which ships with GNOME. So, what are the features which come with Thunar, and what makes it a viable alternative to Nautilus?

10 File Managers for Linux

This is an overview of 10 most popular file managers available for Linux: Nautilus, Dolphin, Thunar, PCManFM, Konqueror, Krusader, Xfe, ROX-Filer, Midnight Commander and Vifm.

Beesoft Commander: An old school file manager on the modern desktop

Although the last release of Norton Commander, the famous file manager for DOS, was a decade ago, its legacy lives on in dozens of clones on every operating system imaginable. On GNU/Linux, one of the most popular clones is Beesoft Commander (BSC). Although designed for the desktop and built with a recent version of the Qt libraries, BSC, like Norton Commander, remains a file manager built mainly for the keyboard. As a centralized tool for file operations, it offers a degree of convenience that makes it worth learning, especially if most of your work involves source code, HTML, or other plain text files.

PCMan Lightweight Alternative File Manager

PCMan File Manager (or PCManFM) is a lightweight alternative to GNOME’s Nautilus file manager or Konqueror/Dolphin in KDE. I found it to be an excellent option for more sophisticated GNOME users, as well as those with slower computers.

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