Music And EXIF Metadata Information In Nautilus List View [Nautilus Columns Extension - PPA]

A long time ago, we wrote about a Nautilus extension (called Nautilus Columns) which adds music (mp3, WAV and FLAC) and EXIF metadata info to the Nautilus List View. Well, I though I'd rescue this extension (as it's no longer packaged as a .deb) and upload it to the WebUpd8 PPA so it can be easily installed.

Three Firefox extensions for Gmail

Gmail, Google's popular Web mail application, is already full of useful features all on its own. But Firefox users can further customize Gmail with a variety of add-ons. Some only change the appearance, while others add functionality that makes Gmail more like a personal planner than just a plain old email application. Let's take a look at three Firefox add-ons for Gmail.

OpenOffice.org extension will add PDF editing

Easy PDF editing is coming to OpenOffice.org, but you'll have to be patient for a few months. Recently posted to the OpenOffice.org Extensions site, the Sun PDF Import extension (SPI) is only in beta, and only works with recent developer builds of OpenOffice.org 3.0, which is scheduled for September release. Right now, the quality of the final release is anybody's guess, but the beta's capabilities fall squarely in the middle of the available PDF import tools.

Firefox extensions to bring back the dead

Don't you find it irritating when a Web page you bookmarked or favorited returns a 404 error on a subsequent visit? Or when a Web site is temporarily down? Firefox extensions Resurrect Pages and 404: Page is Not Found? Now it will be! can help in such scenarios. While Resurrect Pages relies on several popular page cache sites, 404: Page is Not Found uses the Wayback Machine at Internet Archive to serve the dead pages.

Translate words with EuroOffice Dictionary extension

Need a multilingual dictionary tool that allows you to quickly translate words and expressions without leaving the convenience of OpenOffice.org? Drop in the EuroOffice.org Dictionary (EOD) extension.

Ubuntu Forums Menu Firefox Extension

Ubuntu is relatively a new operating system and Windows users who want to try Ubuntu have a lot questions which need to be answered. For such users I have a perfect Firefox extension thats going to make it easy for them to find questions and answers related to Ubuntu of any sort.

Gmail Manager - Firefox Extension

I want to write a little about this good Firefox extension, maybe lots of you already know it, but for those who does not, here it goes.

Make Older Add-Ons Work with Firefox 3.0

If you're willing to risk instability, a simple preference hack can bring out-of-date browser extensions back to life. If you're like me, you've been playing around with the beta releases of Firefox 3.0. The new version of the open source browser is better-looking, uses less memory, and feels snappier all around. There's just one problem: Every time they release a new beta version, some of your extensions and add-ons are bound to stop working. With the release of Firefox 3.0rc1, almost none of them work.

Sun Wiki Publisher extension for OpenOffice.org shines

Wikis are a great way to collaborate on text documents, but different wikis sometimes use incompatible wiki markup languages, and few wikis provide simple WYSIWYG editors to shorten the learning curve. Even for those fluent in wiki markup, using a word processor to create wiki content is often more convenient -- especially for publishing existing documents and for creating complex tables. Now the newly available Sun Wiki Publisher simplifies the process of publishing an OpenOffice.org Writer document directly to a compatible MediaWiki wiki from OpenOffice.org 2.4 or later without the need for a Web browser.

OpenOffice.org Extensions: Writer's Tools

One of the perqs of being a journalist is that I often hear about software and events before most people. A case in point is Writer's Tools, an extension for OpenOffice.org Writer being developed by my fellow journalist Dimitri Popov, whose articles about macros have taught me most of what I know on the subject.As the name suggests, Writer's Tools is a collection of various utilities that might be useful for writers.

10 Thunderbird add-ons I can’t live without

With moving my workload to two laptops (one for work, on OS X and one for play, on Linux), you invariably have issues with being as productive as you should be in the software that you use. I dumped Apple Mail.app after about 2 weeks of solid usage (more on that, at another time), for Mozilla Thunderbird. It isn’t free of warts, but with the excellent plug-in architecture, it surely helps. Here are some plug-ins (add-ons in Mozilla speak) I can’t live without.

Best Greasemonkey and Stylish scripts

Best Greasemonkey and Stylish scripts (both are Firefox extensions).


Extensions for OpenOffice.org Impress

Extensions have long been written for OpenOffice.org Writer. However, the fact that attention is finally being paid to other applications seems a sign that OpenOffice.org is finally starting to develop an active extension-writing community.

Quickly navigating Web pages with Firefox extensions

Two things annoy me a lot when I'm browsing the Internet. First, I hate unclickable links, where I have to select the text link, open a new tab, paste the link, then press enter. I'd much rather deal with links that I can just click to open. The other issue is being forced to manually edit a URL in the address bar if I want to browse up one level on a site. Linkification and Uppity are two Firefox extensions that make my annoyances go away.

Firefly extension turns Firefox into a file browser

Nowadays, Web browsers can act as front ends to many other kinds of applications. For instance, if you want to browse and open the files on your hard drive from within Firefox, turn to the Firefly extension.

5 more add-ons to make Firefox more productive

Opera and Safari both have their places on Mac and Windows but both are less extensible than Firefox is which makes that browser more useful in my opinion.  This is a continuation of our previous post “5 add-ons to make Firefox safer and faster.”  These add-ons aren’t necessarily for security reasons or to make it faster but they do enhance it in one way or another.

Firefox feed extensions

Few features are as essential to modern Web browsing as feeds. With the rise of social networking and file sharing sites, feeds have become the only way for many people to keep up-to-date with all the sites that interest them. Certainly feeds are more efficient than resolutely clicking dozens or hundreds of bookmarks one after another. To satisfy the need to feed, developers have written dozens of Firefox add-ons to help you view both classic feed formats and sites that lack a feed.

Design better Web pages with Firefox extensions

If you've ever tried to create or edit a Web page, you know that getting the little details just right can sometimes take a long time. Here are a few Firefox extensions you can add to your toolbox that will help you measure images, align objects on your page, and capture colors quickly and easily.

12 Must-Have OpenOffice Extensions

Other than being a free complete office suite, OpenOffice allows users to install extensions to improve its functionality and enhance the user experience. Here is a list of useful extensions for you.

Package all your Firefox extensions for quick installs with CLEO

If you cannot face the thought of hunting down and re-installing all of your Firefox extensions one by one on a second computer, you need, appropriately, an extension to simplify the task. CLEO, the Compact Library Extension Organizer, can package all your extensions and themes into one installable .xpi file.

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