Defragmenting Linux EXT3 Filesystems Using Shake And Defrag

I know everybody says EXT3 and EXT4 filesystems don't need defragmentation and in most cases, that's true! But sometimes they actually do need defragmentation. There is an entire discussion rather or not EXT3 needs defragmentation but I'll not get into that. It just depends on the way a filesystem is used, when it was last formated and how full it is.

Get More Space Out of Your ext3 Partition

I have just discovered that ext3 defaults to reserving 5% of its partition exclusively for root, as a precaution measure that your system does not get FUBAR when you use it for your root partition. I have a 230GB external USB disk that I use for all my big storage requirements, downloaded stuff, backups etc. Due to this reservation I had 11.5GB of unusable disk space, thankfully this is easy to fix:

Access your ext2 and ext3 partitions from Vista

First Download the FS-Driver from its webpage.

Once you have on your Vista disk, right click on it and select compatibility for XP Service Pack 2 as shown on this picture.

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