ScramDisk for Linux: Truly Open Source On-The-Fly-Encryption Software

Many people believe TrueCrypt is open-source but actually is not because even though the source code is available, it's development is kept secret and it isn't considered Free Software by the FSF nor Open Source by the

Encrypt Your USB Drive with TrueCrypt

Last week, on the new MacHaxor site, I explained how to create an encrypted disk image on a mac, but there are similar tools available for Linux. TrueCrypt allows you to make all kinds of encrypted containers, but one of the most interesting is a hidden partition.

Use VNC? Encrypt It Via SSH

I covered VNC this afternoon in my Linux system administration course and the question came up on how to secure VNC. You may or may not be aware than VNC is not encrypted by default, which could be a security concern.

Encrypted Ubuntu 8.04

Data encryption is one of the best methods to protect your sensitive files, especially if you own a laptop. Unfortunately, on the Ubuntu operating system, it's only available in the text mode installer. But that's why this guide is here, to help you install a fully encrypted Ubuntu OS on your computer. The whole process is completely safe and it is recommended to be used by anyone out there who wants to protect his/her sensitive data. To break it down to you: No more living in fear! Your data will NOT be stolen anymore!

TrueCrypt 5: Encrypt your drive in GUI

We have covered TrueCrypt before on polishlinux.org, in particular the article TrueCrypt Tutorial: Truly Portable Data Encryption explained how to encrypt your Linux partitions with TrueCrypt using the command line. This text will therefore focus on the new GUI tool.

Disk Encryption with TrueCrypt 5 on Ubuntu

TrueCrypt is a well known and trusted open source application for encryption. It allows you to create and manage an encrypted volumes that can be used seamlessly and transparently.

Ubuntu Linux Disk Encryption Benchmarks

Introduced in Ubuntu 7.10 was install-time encryption support where using the alternate installer one can fully encrypt their disk in an LVM using dm-crypt. Unfortunately, the Ubiquity installer in Ubuntu 8.04 continues to lack LVM and encryption support, but using Ubuntu 8.04 Alpha 6 we have looked at the performance cost of this encrypted configuration on Ubuntu Linux. Rather than looking directly at the disk read/write overhead caused by the encryption process, we have provided some benchmarks to see how the real-world performance is impacted in both gaming and other desktop tasks.

Encrypt volumes through a cross-platform GUI with TrueCrypt 5.0

Last month the TrueCrypt Foundation released TrueCrypt 5.0, which finally introduces a Linux GUI for the cross-platform encryption application. TrueCrypt 5.0's numerous other enhancements include a Mac OS X port, XTS operation mode, the ability to encrypt a system partition or drive under Windows, and the addition of the SHA-512 hash algorithm.

Setup and Benchmark Encrypted Partitions in Ubuntu

In a previous article, I talked about using shred to securely delete files. Now we’ll delve into using encrypted volumes in Linux to secure our data in the first place, so that we don’t need to use programs like shred. Along the way, we’ll benchmark the raw performance of an encrypted volume and compare the results to an unencrypted volume and see just what kind of real world compromises we see.

Crypt Manager - An encrypted folder manager for Ubuntu Linux

Crypt manager is a compilation of tools which allow to easily encrypt, open, close and uncrypt folders in a desktop environment. It is written in Python, it uses cryptsetup and LUKS as backend. Crypt Manager is composed of three parts:

Simple File Encryption with OpenSSL

Linux has plenty of powerful encryption software, but what can you use if you just want to secure a couple files quickly? The OpenSSL toolkit works well for this. It comes installed with Ubuntu and can provide stronger encryption than you would ever need.

Encrypt your /home this Christmas: part one - background

Laptops can get lost and stolen. Besides the inconvenience and cost of replacing it, there is the potential for your personal data to end up in the hands of an identity thief.

How to: simple security with Easy Crypt

Add some secret ninja power to your Ubuntu system today with Easy Crypt. With only a right click you can open or close a ‘top secret’ file, protected by military grade encryption (AES 512-bit Whirlpool). Easy Crypt is a cute little menu which brings the power of TrueCrypt to your system tray. No terminal commands necessary.

Disk Encryption on Linux

I finally encrypted some partitions of my hard drive. An external hard drive that I just bought (320 Mb) allowed me to back up my entire /home partition and consider encrypting it. I mainly used this tutorial, but I derived a little from it about the unlocking system : I did not want to input a password while the machine boots, I wanted it to be transparent while I log in. This how to provides more complete information, if needed.

Using TrueCrypt on Ubuntu for Encryption

TrueCrypt is open source software for on-the-fly encryption. TrueCrypt can use an encrypted file or partition and mount it for use transparently by any application. The Windows version has a fancy GUI, but on Linux there is a good command line interface.

Encrypt your private files with Encfs & Cryptkeeper Gnome applet

I have been using this little applet called cryptkeeper with encfs for a while now, it is a beautifully simple power user application that will help you keep your private information safe and secure.

Install TrueCrypt on Ubuntu Edgy

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