Enable circular scrolling and more on your laptops synaptics touchpad

Do you love the way you scroll on your ipod? Ever wished to enable it in your laptop? Wait no more... Follow the below instructions...

Enable the Advanced File Permissions Dialog in Nautilus

Yesterday I wrote about PCMan File Manager, which among other things offers better control over file permissions. Commenter Gavintlgold pointed out that’s it’s possible to get a similar dialog in Nautilus by changing a hidden setting in GNOME.

Enable Commercial DVD Playback in Ubuntu

Like Adobe Flash and proprietary media formats, playback of encrypted DVDs is something that Ubuntu can’t distribute in the default desktop. Adding support for playing your commercial DVD videos in Ubuntu isn’t a difficult task.

Enabling USB support for VMware Server in Hardy Heron

After installing VMware Server on Hardy heron, if you find that your virtual machine cannot detect any USB devices on the host, that is because Ubuntu has removed the support for /proc/bus/usb/*. The following is the way to solve this issue:

Enable Metacity Compositing in GNOME 2.22

In GNOME 2.22, included in Ubuntu 8.04, the default Metacity window manager has compositing built in. This means that you can get your eye candy effects without switching window managers!

How to Enable or Disable Login Messages

I do a lot of remote remote maintenance via ssh on my machines and one thing that I’ve long wondered about is the message outputted when you login.  You know, the system information output plus the notice concerning the warranty, etc.  Here is the output I’m referring to when connecting to my Sun Sparc Ultra 10 server via ssh:

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