Ubuntu Software Center Gets Visual Improvements, Launchpad Login [Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Development Updates]

An update today brought lots of changes to the Ubuntu Software Center. The most notable are an animated "Featured applications" section as well as a Launchpad login (now called Ubuntu login).

Use Twitter Like An IM Protocol With Prpltwtr [Pidgin, Empathy - Includes Saved Searches, More!]

Prpltwtr is a Pidgin (or Empathy) plugin which makes Twitter feel a lot like an IM: you can see yo

Script To Focus The Pidgin / Empathy Conversation Window Using A Shortcut Key

I was reading an article on tux-planet.fr about xdotool when I realized I can use this to create a script to focus (activate) the Pidgin conversation window using a shortcut key - something I have been searching for a long time.

Banshee Telepathy Extension Allows You To Stream And Share Music With Your Jabber (Including Gtalk) Empathy Contacts

I've recently came across a very interesting Banshee extension which I'm sure many of you will find to be useful.

The extension is called Banshee Telepathy Extension and you can use it to share or stream music through Empathy instant messaging client with your contacts (Jabber (including GTalk) only) through a p2p protocol.

Empathy: Use Adium Conversation Themes [Linux]

another adium theme  in empathy

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