Orta 1.4.0 Released, Atolm Gets A PPA And New Version [Theme Updates]

Orta GTK Theme


Good news for all the Orta fans: a new version has been released today with a new Nautilus Elementary style (configurable from the Orta Settings Manager) as well as many bug fixes. Here is the changelog for the latest Orta 1.4.0:

Try Something Different: Divergence IV - "A New Hope" (GTK & Emerald Theme)

Download SHI10 GTK Linux Suite, An Amazing Theme Pack (GTK, GnoMenu, AWN, Emerald, More)

Searching for something totally unrelated, I stumbled upon an amazing theme pack created by Izo called "SHI10 GTK Linux Suite".

GTK, Emerald, Metacity Themes And Wallpapers - More Ubuntu Lucid 'Light' Goodies

Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx new themes and logo were made public only a couple of days ago but there are already quite a few "goodies" available based on this new artwork.

Yesterday we say a beautiful BURG theme based on the new Radiance theme, but since then many artists have been playing with the new wallpaper, logo, etc. Read on!

Dichotomy GTK theme


10 New / Recently Updated Emerald Themes

Perfection Window Decoration:

emerald theme

Fedora 11:

emerald theme fedora 11


4 Beautiful, Recently Updated Compiz Emerald Themes

If you don't know how to install Emerald themes, visit our Ubuntu Newbie Guide, Part 6 which covers this subject.

5 Beautiful, Recently Updated Ubuntu Themes

2. Raysys QDark

Raysys QDark


25 Great-Looking Compiz Emerald Themes

If you don't know what Emerald is and how to install these themes, see here.

Mac4Lin 1.0 Final Available for Download

Mac4Lin is a complete UI for GTK based desktops that uses a script which takes care of absolutely everything needed to make Gnome or Xfce look like Mac. The dock, the GTK theme, Emerald theme (window borders), new icons, new wallpapers, taskbar image, GDM themes, cursors, themes for Pidgin, Firefox, several players and even the system sounds will seem to be like running a Mac.

Ubuntu Newbie Guide: Install Themes / Emerald [part 6]

You see cool themes on almost all screenshot of Ubuntu all over the internet but don't know how to do it. No worries, it can be done in no time. [...] But for the windows layouts, there's a much cooler way to handle this: using Emerald.

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