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Dual boot with two Linux, sharing the same home directory

I usually use in my Desktop at home Debian Etch (Stable), but as I also like Mandriva since I tested it, I wanted to install a dual boot system, with both Mandriva and Debian Etch, but I also wanted to have access to both file systems with the same permissions and even have the same /home partition for the two operating systems, so for this I needed to be sure to have the same user with the same UID and GUID in both systems.

Dual-boot Windows and Linux, step 1: Get Ubuntu

This is the year I kiss Windows good-bye. Well, maybe not entirely, but the writing is on the wall for Microsoft's flagship operating system, and all other desktop bloatware: The future of PC software is open source. (I'll add that the future of PC applications is on the Web, which I'll cover once we've got Ubuntu in place.)

Linux and Windows: virtualize, Wine or dual boot route?

As I've mentioned in previous articles I currently have all the applications I need on my Ubuntu Linux desktop so I never need to use Windows. However, there are unfortunately still plenty of applications that some users need which are not available under Linux and have no equivalent. Adobe's Flash and Photoshop spring to mind, Turbotax is another that some miss, how about iTunes? Luckily for those users there are at least three options that will allow them to run the software they need while retaining Linux on their desktop. But which is the best one?

How to dual-boot Vista with Linux (Adding Linux on Vista machine)

If you want to explore and enjoy both Vista and Linux world in a single PC, then you have to configure your PC to handle dual-boot system. It may sound difficult but it’s really within the knowledge of average computer users. Here are the steps to add Linux on your Vista system for a dual boot.

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