Get .docx Working in Linux

Occasionally I receive a file in .docx format, which for me was useless; and I’ve had to ask the sender to give me the document in .doc format instead. However, there’s a better solution for those of us who encounter the .docx format. It does take a couple of minutes to set up, but is easy to use thereafter.

Open/View .docx files in OpenOffice

As most company standard builds are now including Microsoft office 2007 you will start seeing more .docx documents. This has been covered time and time again but still people still ask the question.

OpenXML (docx,…) suport in OpenOffice

I’m starting to get .docx in my mail lately ( against my will…) and not using Microsoft Office and not beeing able to ask people to send at least .doc, I had to do some search to give some support do OpenOffice to this “format”.

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