5 Beautiful Plank Themes

1. Glass Pill:

Glass Pill Plank theme

How To Use Cardapio Menu With Docky And Avant Window Navigator

Cardapio is a main menu replacement for GNOME which comes with a lot of useful features and plugins. It can run as a GNOME panel applet or as a stand-alone application.

Improved Docky Zeitgeist Integration Makes You Forget You Have A File Manager


docky zeitgeist integration


Hidden Docky 3D Mode

docky 3d

To enable the ThreeDimensional (3D) Docky mode, simply paste this in a terminal:

Docky Official Development PPA


Install Docky And Update Gnome Shell From A Repository (Launchpad PPA) [Ubuntu Karmic]

This repository contains the following packages:

-Docky (version 2.0~bzr315-0 at the time of writing this post) - the dock bar part of Gnome Do (read on!)

'Show Desktop' Applet For Docky (Gnome-Do)

docky show desktop

Docky: Move it To the Top of the Desktop, Add a MacOSX-like "Genie" Effect and Customize the Icons Zoom

Docky, the new GNOME Do interface in the form of a dock, is getting more and more used and causes sensation among GNU / Linux users.

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