Cairo-Dock 2.1.3 Is Out, Features A Simplified Configuration Panel

cairo dock 2.1.3 -  elementary theme

DockBarX 0.24 Released, Features "Pin To Taskbar"

dockbarx 0.24

How To Get AWN 0.4 Edgy Mode

avant window navigator edgy mode


Hidden Docky 3D Mode

docky 3d

To enable the ThreeDimensional (3D) Docky mode, simply paste this in a terminal:

Docky Official Development PPA


Avant Window Navigator (AWN) 0.4 Available For Beta Testing

avant window navigator curved

Cairo-Dock 2.1.0 Released, OpenGL Mode Now Works With The Latest OpenSource ATI And Intel Drivers

When Cairo Dock v2.0 was out, it instantly became my favourite dock for Linux.

DockBar: TaskBar with Grouping and Group Manipulation for Gnome

dockbar gnome linux

Taskbar + Quicklauncher in One New KDE Dock Bar: Kustodian

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Mac4Lin 1.0 Final Available for Download

Mac4Lin is a complete UI for GTK based desktops that uses a script which takes care of absolutely everything needed to make Gnome or Xfce look like Mac. The dock, the GTK theme, Emerald theme (window borders), new icons, new wallpapers, taskbar image, GDM themes, cursors, themes for Pidgin, Firefox, several players and even the system sounds will seem to be like running a Mac.

DockbarX: Experimental Dockbar for Linux

DockbarX is a taskbar with grouping and group manipulation with some "experimental" features compared to Docbark (it is not a fork of Dockbar, but a branch of DockBar holding new "experimental" features).

"Experimental" features (Features that aren't in DockBar 0.21):
- New look for popups.

Cairo Dock 2.0.0 is Here (Linux Dock Menu)!

Not so long ago I was telling you about the new version 2 of Cairo Dock which was at the time still in beta/rc and that it doesn't look at all like the old 1 branch - this new version is by far the best dock menu application I've seen for any operating system.

MacOSX-like Dock Menu for KDE: Fancy Tasks [Linux]

- manages your tasks and launchers;
- tasks filtering, grouping (including manual) and sorting;
- launcher to task transition (icons of launchers with running tasks are hidden);

The New Cairo-Dock v2, Simply Amazing

I was recently looking for an Avant Window Navigator replacement and tried out most of the docks out there. And then i saw that Cairo Dock, which wasn't near one of the best has a new version only downloadable on it's website (with .deb files for Ubuntu too) and after trying it, i was amazed.

Ubuntu Newbie Guide: Compiz, How to Get the Cube and Mac-like Dock Bar (Avant Window Navigator) [part 4]

Before installing Ubuntu, almost everyone has seen the spinning cube or the classy MacOSX-like dock bar and many other effects (4 desktops with 2 caps) in some videos, but some didn't figure out how to enable/install/use them.

To understand better, this is the dock (look at the bottom of the image):

The best and worst docks for Ubuntu

Docks became popular when Mac began using them in their operating system. But these days docks are available on all platforms. So which ones should you avoid and which ones should you use?

Install Cairo-Dock

Cairo-Dock is a system dock similar to Awn and the dock in Mac OS X. It’s not as fancy as Awn, but Cairo-Dock is very configurable and supports some slick graphical effects.

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