DockBarX 0.47 Released With Themeable Window List And Custom DockX Themes


DockBarX DockX panel


5 Beautiful Plank Themes

1. Glass Pill:

Glass Pill Plank theme

Cairo Dock 2.3.0 Released With New Applets, Better Compiz And Kwin Integration

Cairo Dock 2.3.0


Get Notifications With A Close Button In Ubuntu

A lot of people want a close button for the Ubuntu notifications but unfortunately this won't happen - they don't want NotifyOSD to be customizable. But you can get notifications that have a close button by using the AWN Notifications Daemon.

Set DockBarX To Use Compiz Scale Plugin (Unity-Like)

I don't know how many of you know this, but DockBarX has a cool feature that allows you to trigger the Compiz Scale plugin when clicking on a window group. This is the effect used in Unity that you've seen in many videos - well, it this was available in DockBarX for a long time.

Avant Window Navigator Gets Per Dock Intellihide

An update to the Avant Window Navigator trunk PPA from a few days ago brought per dock/panel Intellihide to AWN (taskmanager).

Video: How To Customize Avant Window Navigator - Lucido Style

Because we get a lot of comments asking what's the dock / launcher in some of the screenshots on WebUpd8 and just pointing to Avant Window Navigator is not enough, I though I'd create a video on how to customize the Avant Window Navigator Lucido style:

Avant Window Navigator Update Brings Multiple Docks And Helpers

Helpers And Multipanel Configuration Coming To Avant Window Navigator (AWN)

Cairo Dock (Glx Dock) 2.2 Beta Officially Released With Lots Of Cool New Features

The first official beta of Cairo Dock (GLX Dock) 2.2 was released with a huge list of new features and improvements - we already posted most of them on WebUpd8, but we'll do a small recap. If you're using the Cairo Dock weekly PPA, you already have all these features. But maybe you're not aware of some of them, so read on!

Download SHI10 GTK Linux Suite, An Amazing Theme Pack (GTK, GnoMenu, AWN, Emerald, More)

Searching for something totally unrelated, I stumbled upon an amazing theme pack created by Izo called "SHI10 GTK Linux Suite".

Latest Avant Window Navigator Gets Zeitgeist, Lucido Updates

Avant Window Navigator in the AWN testing PPA got the Zeitgeist applet demoed a few months back. But only starting today you can finally use the Zeitgeist applet with AWN:


DockBarX Adds Zeitgeist Integration [Ubuntu .deb Download]

Cairo Dock (GLX-Dock) To Get A Panel Mode

If you want to replace your Gnome panel with a dock, Avant Window

Cairo Dock (GLX-Dock) 2.2.0 Beta Gets Multiple Instances Support

Cairo Dock (also known as GLX-Dock) 2.2.0 will be a truly amazing release.

Cairo Dock (GLX Dock) To Get A New Autohide Option In Version 2.1.4

cairo dock ubuntu 10.04 lucid screenshot

Improved Docky Zeitgeist Integration Makes You Forget You Have A File Manager


docky zeitgeist integration


Cairo Dock Gets A New Default Theme For Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx [Video]

cairo dock ubuntu 10.04 lucid screenshot

Avant Window Navigator 0.4 Final Released (Dock Taskbar And Launcher For Linux)


awn 0.4 screenshot


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