Faster Browsing In Linux With Local DNS Cache

A local DNS cache can help for faster browsing since you’re caching the DNS request instead of attempting that request multiple times. The internet speed will not get any faster, but the browsing speed will improve, because on each website there are usually quite a few DNS requests for which the local DNS cache will be used, bringing the query time to almost 0.


How To Find Out Which DNS Is Fastest For You

Google released it's public DNS and I saw some debates on different blog on wrather it is possible or not for the Google domain name servers to be faster than your

Google Launches Public DNS Service

Google has launched Google Public DNS as an alternative domain name service for any Internet user. Designed to replace the DNS services provided by ISPs or companies, Google says that its DNS will be faster and more secure than many other DNSs, and won't filter content.


TechCrunch has it's own version for the reasons Google entered the DNS business:

Howto clear/Flush DNS Cache in Ubuntu

Some distributions run a caching nameserver in the background out of the box while some do not. To clear the cache if you have such a daemon running, simply restart the nscd service in ubuntu.

Private Internet browsing via SSH.

Ever found yourself in a public place, wanting to use the internet, but scared of privacy issues? well This is the solution.

If you have a home machine with Ubuntu (or pretty much any linux distro) you can download and install an SSH server which allows you to effectively "dial in" with a secure tunnel from another machine.

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