OpenOffice.org Tips and Tricks Part II - Importing MS Office Custom Dictionary

Last month we started a tutorial series covering tips and tricks to help you make the transition from Microsoft (MS) Office to OpenOffice.org (OOo) 2.4 easier. We discovered how to add more templates and clip art to OOo, include grammar checking, and replicate the convenient Split Window feature of MS Office. This part of the series will take you through the process of importing the custom dictionary of MS Office, setting OOo to always save in the MS Office format, and using MS Office. Ready, set, go!

Translate words with EuroOffice Dictionary extension

Need a multilingual dictionary tool that allows you to quickly translate words and expressions without leaving the convenience of OpenOffice.org? Drop in the EuroOffice.org Dictionary (EOD) extension.

How to Install a Dictionary in OpenOffice

A question from Panosso:

Does any one can help-me…
…I have no idea how can I add a new language on OO dictionary.

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