7 Reasons to Pick Ubuntu and When Not to Choose It

I guess most of the readers are already familiar with Ubuntu, but I'm also writing this for new users, which use Linux for the first time. I use Debian for over a year now, but I used both Ubuntu and Kubuntu in the past (especially Dapper Drake and Edgy Eft) and also 8.04 and 8.10 Beta.

Running Google Chrome Under Wine 1.1.6 in Debian and Ubuntu

Google Chrome is an open-source web browser from Google, currently available only for the Windows platform. It aims to have a minimal and easy to use interface. Chrome uses the WebKit rendering engine, which was developed from KHTML, and it is used in various browsers like Konqueror on KDE4 or Safari (on Mac OS X).

GNOME Debian Package Finder: Rough and ready package search for the desktop

If you do your Debian package management from the command line, you are probably aware of utilities that search the cache of available programs, such as apt-cache, apt-file, and dpkg. Possibly, too, you have cursed the limited search information available in graphical interfaces like Synaptic, which does not extend much beyond searching for the description, name, versions, and dependencies. Now, the GNOME Debian Package Finder (gpfind) is in the process of bring much of the command-line search capacity to the desktop -- although, at version 0.1.6, it is still too rough to replace its command-line equivalents for most users.

10min: Create Debian packages

Ever wanted to pack your scripts into .deb packages?

Here we go…

You need:

  • ‘devscripts’ package (over apt-get)
  • your script(s)
  • 10 minutes

How to get the Debian Menu back in Ubuntu 7.10

I’ve been hearing recently that lots of folks have been facing near insurmountable difficulties in getting Ubuntu 7.10 to display the Debian Menu properly under Applications. I’m here to help you all surmount.

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