gnome-schedule - graphical interface for at and crontab

at and crontab are command to schedule tasks on your Linux, this way repetitive tasks can be arranged so you can forget about them and be sure they are going to be executed, while cron jobs are used for repetitive tasks at is used for tasks that are going to executed in the future but only once.

Howto Set-up a Crontab File

Yesterday I mainly worked on some PHP backup scripts [not very exciting, but necessary.] The scripts are run at regular intervals and perform various data backups across numerous domains. To accomplish this I set-up some cron jobs that will automatically execute the scripts at set intervals.

This is not the first time that I've had to set-up cron jobs [I've got several that date back a few years.] I think that having the ability to set-up scheduled tasks is really quite important. Therefore I thought I'd blog about it for future reference.

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