Controlling your camera from your computer with gPhoto

Both of the big powerhouses in the digital SLR camera market -- Canon and Nikon -- make software with which you can control your camera from your PC through an attached USB cable. It is a nice tool for situations when manually triggering the shutter might cause shake (such as long exposures), or for automating multiple shots at timed intervals. But, naturally, the camera makers don't supply this software for free operating systems -- and just as naturally, the open source world has an answer. You can perform the same remote operation functions using gPhoto.

Controlling desktop applications with six degrees of freedom

Six degrees of freedom (6DOF) devices allow for movement in three axes, tilt in two axes, and rotation in the third. Some of these devices look like small joysticks -- for example, the SpaceNavigator. These devices are typically used for computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) and other 3-D applications. With a new programming library, you can now also use them with Linux applications.

Install btnx for better mouse control in Ubuntu Hardy

When I installed Hardy, I forgot to copy my awesome xorg.conf which held the configuration to enable all 12 buttons of my Logitech MX1000. Lo and behold, a new method of configuring it has come about, albeit it was around prior to Gutsy.

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