Connect an Apple iPod to an Ubuntu Linux PC?

I just want to be able to put songs on my Apple iPod from my Ubuntu Linux machine. Fortunately, for all of us end-users, the open source community started taking seriously the call to make multimedia a priority for application development. Getting an iPod recognized and connected to a Linux machine is only slightly more difficult than it is with iTunes.

SSHMenu - Conveniently Connect to Remote Machines From the Panel

SSHMenu is a panel applet for GNOME that allows users to connect to remote computers over SSH with a single click. As Tim explained in his suggestion e-mail:

Connecting GPRS From Ubuntu Gutsy

Connecting to GPRS using a Nokia Phone is not too tough in Ubuntu Gutsy. This is because the default udev rules does install the required drivers and map most of the Nokia devices to /dev/ttyACM0. But it can become tough if you need to retain the resolv.conf or making the pppd to add a default route to the connected device. We will see how it was done properly in the Saturn Labs.

How to use your Nokia to connect to the Internet in Ubuntu

OS X is without a doubt the easiest OS for configuring Bluetooth devices. Adding phones, keyboards and headsets is (more or less) as easy as it could be. Windows is way behind. You can add your phone, but where OS X automatically sets up the phone as a modem connection, you will have to download some PC Suite crap or hack your way onto the phone. Ubuntu is somewhere between Windows and OS X, but (sad to say) closer to Windows.

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