Cairo-Clock on Ubuntu 7.10

Cairo-Clock is an analog clock for your desktop which uses a compositing window manager like Compiz for fancy visual effects. It comes with many themes using scalable SVG graphics.

Cairo-Clock has a few requirements:

Enabling the Cube In Compiz-Fusion on Ubuntu 7.10 “Gutsy Gibbon”

I’ve been seeing a number of comments on this blog lately concerning the compiz fusion “cube” effects only setting up two workspaces and therefore only allowing more of a toggle option instead of a cube.  I thought I would throw out the method I use to make sure I get the four-panel cube functionality.

How to Enable More Compiz effect in Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon

One of the changes made in Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon is Compiz enabled by default on installation. However the Compiz desktop effect setting are modest at best when enabled out-from-the-box in Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon.

Compiz-Fusion On Ubuntu 7.10 “Gutsy Gibbin”

I’ve been playing around with Compiz-Fusion on my Macbook over the past week or so and realize it could make a good topic for a tutorial.  The problem is that it took me *zero* configuration to get it going.  While this is good and a great boost for Desktop users everywhere I don’t really have much to share with the wide-world on setting it up.

What I do have to share however are the key shortcuts and settings that I like to use.

Gutsy Gibbon Tweak - Compiz Manager

Whilst I have been using the beta there was no Compiz Manager GUI to configure any desktop effects. If the Compiz Manager isn’t installed by default simply open a terminal and install it:

Adjust the Transparency of Window Decorations with Compiz

By default Compiz in Ubuntu uses the GTK window decorator. You can adjust the transparency level of the GTK Window Decorator window titles by changing a value in the GNOME configuration editor. Note that this only works if you are using a compositing window manager such as Compiz.

Ubuntu 7.10 is Gutsy: Will Have Compiz By Default

The Ubuntu Technical Board has voted in favor of having Compiz Fusion enabled by default in Ubuntu 7.10 “Gutsy Gibbon”. Compiz has been enabled since work on Ubuntu 7.10 started, but it was not certain if it would make the final release.

Compiz Fusion Site up, with new Icon design

There has been a remodelation and redesign of the Compiz Fusion Homepage, using their new Icon set and with a new design.

Control your Compiz Fusion via Tray Icon

All your Compiz goodness in an easy to use, easy to locate tray icon.

-Stay Metal!

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