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New Wave Gnome Theme 0.90 Beta 1 Released

New Wave is a truly awesome Gnome theme available in Ubuntu's community-themes package for quite a few releases.

Install Extra Ubuntu Community Themes From The Ubuntu Artwork Wiki In Seconds

Some community themes from the Ubuntu Artwork Wiki made it into the "community-themes" package from Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx (which you can install using: sudo apt-get install community-themes) however some amazing themes didn't.

Sorbet - New Community Proposed Ubuntu Lucid Theme And Mockup

Sorbet is a new Ubuntu Lucid community proposed theme with subtle gradients and light colors.

Finestly Ying And Yang - Proposed Ubuntu Community Themes

Finestly Ying and Yang are 2 new proposed Ubuntu Lucid themes. Ying is a very dark theme and Yang - a very bright one, both using the Murrine engine and adjusted for the Humanity icons:

Download The Official Ubuntu Sun Proposed Theme(s)

Ubuntu Sun is a new proposed theme for Ubuntu Lucid Lynx for which, up until now there was only an unofficial version available for download which is now called Ubuntu Sun X.

Install The Proposed Community Themes For Ubuntu Karmic Koala, In Ubuntu Jaunty Or Karmic

There have been proposed quite a few themes for Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10 and if you want to install them all in Ubuntu Jaunty for instance, you can just do:

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