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UNP Extracts Any Archive Via Command Line [Quick Linux Tip]

Here's a quick tip which many will find very handy. UNP is a small script which makes it very easy to extract almost any archive via command line. If you can't remember the command to extract tar.gz, rar and so on, you will love unp.

Fish Gives Super TAB Powers To Your Shell

Fish is a user friendly command line shell. It features syntax highlighting, advanced tab completion features, discoverable help, a revised shell syntax and many other features.

Fish comes with a lot of features, but I find one feature truly amazing: tab completion for command line arguments, including explanations.

Twitter from command line, server automatic tweets

I like to do almost everything from the command line, listen to music using mpg123, read email with alpine, etc.

Now I started to tweet from command line.


Add a second ip to Linux / Ubuntu /etc/network/interfaces

There are situations when you want or need a second IP on your box, for example when you are installing a firewall (In this case is always better to have two NICs but you can do it with only one)

Linux message of the day

To send messages to user that log on a Linux System, you can use the "message of the day" function. Just edit the file /etc/motd and add there the message you want the users to see each time the log into the system.

Make 'History' Show The Date For Each Command

Normally, running the command "history" in a terminal will give you an output which looks like this:

ubuntu linux history command output

Make "rm" Move Files To Trash Instead Of Completely Removing Them

To get the "rm" command to move the file(s) to trash instead of removing them completely, you must install the trash-cli utility and set an alias for "rm" to use trash-cli.

Upload Image To Imgur: Nautilus Actions Script

simple Nautilus Actions script to upload images to via right click.

Quick Tip: Check Gmail From Command Line [ Linux & Mac OS X ]

Open a terminal and:

Scientific/Programmable Linux calculator -console-

One thing I really like about GNU/Linux operating system, is that it has a lot of utilities which are easily to install, free, and secure, something other operating systems does not have.

One of those utilities is bc a handy calculator, with it you can perform easy calculations, or perform complicated calculus, you can even define your own functions, this utility is really useful.

adduser vs useradd

adduser or useradd, which one should I use?

There are differences between them in some distributions, and they are the same in others, In Ubuntu they are different,

Discover if a command is an alias, a bult-in command, or a normal command

When you pass any command or even any word to type you will get as the output the type of word you have passed to it, and if it is a command it will let you know the type of command it is.

Execute a command in a regular interval - watch Linux command

You may have heard about cron jobs, that executes a given command in a given interval, this is useful when you want the job to continue in the time, but if you need to execute a command only for this session, or for some hours, and not each time you log into the system, then watch maybe your best bet.

List the biggest files in your home or other directory

There are lots of times when you need to check the size of the files on your disk, and if you are a command line lover, you will want to do it from the console.

cpio - copy files to and from archives

cpio is a tool to copy files from one place to another, and to create archives, (like tar), or extract files from an archive file.

The good thing is that cpio takes its input from other commands like ls, or find

So you can archive all .mp3 in your home directory by entering this command:


Howto:Recover and Undelete files in Ubuntu the easy way!

Ive been told its impossible to recover deleted files in Ubuntu or any Linux system on the ext3 Filesystem, this goes to show that you can easily recover files deleted, Bookmark this site for future reference if you ever delete an important file!

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