Glippy Clipboard Manager Can Now Upload Images To Imgur

Glippy is a clipboard manager for the Gnome desktop. Some of its main features are: Ubuntu appindicator support, it can store test from both keyboard and mouse (select some text using your mouse and it will be available in Glippy), you can easily access the keboard using a hotkey (CTRL + SUPER + C by default, but it can be customized).

Anamnesis - A New Linux Clipboard Manager With Full-Text Search

Anamnesis is a new clipboard manager for Linux designed to be very easy to use by providing a simple interface with full-text search.

Best Linux Clipboard Manager

Here is a poll which was suggested multiple times: what's the best clipboard manager for Linux?

Pastie (Simple Clipboard Manager) 0.5 Gets Image / Any File Support

Image support was probably the most requested feature back when we posted about Pastie. Well, Pastie got even better than that!

Introduction to the Xwindows clipboard

One of the things that amazes a lot of new users to Linux is how flexible the clipboard is.  It's one of the many features of Linux that I've come to depend upon greatly.  Without it, life could go on, but it would be much, much more difficult.  So I'm going to give you a brief introduction to it, and then allow you to do a little exploring on your own, because exploring and learning are half the fun of using Linux. 

Share a single mouse, keyboard and clipboard between multiple computers

Once upon a time… I sat beneath a person who tried to show me something on his GNU/Linux desktop. As he noticed, he needs to copy a password from his Windows machine (was it OS X?), which was standing close, I waited for him to copy and paste by using his eyes. But hey: He just moved his mouse across the boarder of his screen and the mouse pointer appeared on the screen of the other computer.

Fix the Ubuntu Clipboard Problem

In Ubuntu, there is an infamous issue with the Gnome clipboard manager. (Actually, it’s not even decent enough to be called a “clipboard manager.”) Many people face extremely annoying problems of losing data when copying and pasting, especially when the copied source is closed. Ironically, this problem has not been fixed in the recently released 8.04 Hardy Heron.

Glipper: Clipboard Management for GNOME

One of the things that has annoyed me most about GNOME as I've played with it lately is the lack of a clipboard manager comparable to Klipper on KDE. However, as I was looking for a package in Synaptic, I managed to come across a program that does the job quite well: Glipper.

Parcellite - a GNOME clipboard manager

The clipboard is one thing that we often take forgranted. The concept of copy and paste is almost burnt into our minds, and we use it to move text and objects from application to application.

Automatically Copy to Clipboard While Selecting Text in Firefox

When you spend a lot of time in front of your computer, many small actions performed repeatedly can add up to a lot of wasted time. The worst of these small offenders is the copy and paste… so how can we simplify this in Firefox?

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