10 IRC clients for Linux

or many like me IRC is the de-facto chat medium to share information about things we love. Be either Hacking, linux, Ubuntu, games, whatever; there are always channels with like minded people to talk to. With wide variety of IRC Channels comes a wide variety of IRC clients. This is such a list of IRC clients for Linux.

How to Setup a Web-based BitTorrent Client

How many times have you been stuck at work when the latest episode of a podcast such as LugRadio has become available for download, or the latest version of your favourite Linux distribution has been released? Wouldn’t it be really useful if you could access a server at home through your web browser and order it to download that file, so that it’s waiting for you when you get there?

Setup CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System) Server and Client in Debian/Ubuntu

The Common UNIX Printing SystemTM, or CUPS, is the software you use to print from applications like the web browser you are using to read this page. It converts the page descriptions produced by your application (put a paragraph here, draw a line there, and so forth) into something your printer can understand and then sends the information to the printer for printing.

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