First Opera 11.10 "Barracuda" Dev Snapshot Available For Download

Earlier this week, the Opera Desktop Team announced Opera 11 "Barracuda" which they say it will bring "another popular Opera feature will be taken to the next level".


Well, the first Opera 11.10 "Barracuda" development snapshot was made available for download on the Opera Desktop Team blog today. [...]

Firefox 5 Mockups Reveal "Site-Specific Browsers", Updated Location Bar

While Firefox 4 is still in beta and even though it seems it will be released in March, it might actually be further delayed, the first Firefox 5 mockups are already starting to emerge.


Firefox 4.0 Removes The Statusbar But Adds A New Add-on Bar; New Stand-Alone Profile Manager On The Way

Just when I though Firefox 4 is finally coming together, the latest Firefox 4 nightl

Firefox 4 For Linux Video / Screenshots Preview (Beta 7 Pre)

Firefox 4 won't have the menu it has on Windows - according to a bug report, but it does have the other new features.


Because there have been many changes to the Firefox UI for Linux lately (last week or so), I made a video showing these new features:

Finally Opera 10.51 .deb And .rpm Linux Packages

opera 10.51 linux screenshot

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