Wanted: Moderators for Ubuntu Brainstorm!

As you may have heard, the next version of Ubuntu Brainstorm (which can be seen at will come around October. One of the main targets of this update will be to enhance the ideas quality.
As such, one of the upcoming features will be the Idea sandbox, an area where new ideas will be reviewed by moderators before going mainstream.

Call for testing: major update of Ubuntu Brainstorm

A major evolution of Ubuntu Brainstorm is on the way, and includes:

First million votes, and call for moderators for project-specific Brainstorm frontends

Already one million votes have been cast on ideas by Ubuntu users! Whoah! At the moment, ideas at Ubuntu Brainstorm can concern any project, Ubuntu-related or upstream. That's nice, but as a project maintainer, you may want more visibility with a part of the website dedicated to your project and an easier way to deal with your ideas, by having some control over them.

Ubuntu Brainstorm plans

Three months after the launch, it was time to do a small recap and lay out the plans for the next months. At the moment, we can say that we have reached one of our goals: we are getting lots of feedback from you, and we are thankful! What an amazing community!

Fourth Brainstorm update

It's already more than one month since the launch, and Ubuntu Brainstorm continues to grow! And here is another update to the website.

  • As pointed out by one user, the "Implemented ideas" list was not clear enough. Now, the implemented ideas will be classified by release, and the ones concerning the website itself will be put apart.
  • Many of you, such as treynolen on "Create way to dispute "duplicate" flag on brainstorm", are not happy with the current duplicate handling system. That's also our perception: the duplicate system is fine, but not sufficient: there should be a way to group similar, but not duplicate ideas. Thus, we will think of a similar idea handling system on top of the current duplicate system. But don't expect it too soon, as it may require some work!

Ubuntu Brainstorm: some stats

Because everybody like stats (and because it’s not implemented yet!), here are some numbers for you, concerning the week of the launch (28th feb - 5th march):

Ubuntu Brainstorm Update

Four amazing days have passed since the launch of, and all we can say is Whoah! A couple of numbers:

  • 10,000 registered users
  • 2700 ideas (in comparison, Dell Ideastorm has 9000 ideas)

And the numbers keep growing! We had not expected such a success.

But this huge success has its consequences. As many users have pointed out, there are many duplicates, some spam, and the current ordering of ideas (most votes first) in the main page is not optimized for new ideas. Some quirks and bugs have also been found, thanks to your input on Brainstorm!

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