Better bookmark tagging with HandyTag, Tagmarks, and TagSifter

The bookmark tagging feature introduced in Firefox 3 is not particularly difficult in use: when bookmarking a Web page, enter the tags you like into the Tags field of the bookmarking dialog window and you are pretty much done. Tagging provides a more flexible way of keeping track of bookmarks than traditional folders. The folder-based system provides an "either/or"-solution to filing bookmarks. For example, you could place a bookmark for an article about installing on Puppy Linux in either a Linux or folder, but not in both. With tags, you don't have this problem: you can assign as many tags as you like, so the bookmark becomes filed under several categories at the same time.

Syncing multiple users' bookmarks with SiteBar

SiteBar is a Web browser bookmark synchronization solution. One feature that sets SiteBar apart from many others is the ability to set up your own bookmark server, which keeps the whole system under your control.

Restore Your Missing/Deleted Smart Bookmarks Folder in Firefox 3

If you've started using the beta of Firefox 3, you've probably already seen the new Smart Bookmarks folder that is created by default. This folder can be useful for looking up sites you just visited or bookmarked… but how do you get it back if you accidentally deleted it?

Sitebar: centralized bookmarking

Like many people nowadays, I use many different computers. You use your computer at work, home, school and in public places. Maybe you also got several computers at home? One thing that easy comes to annoyance is bookmarking. With different bookmarks on every computer, I’ve long searched for a good way to sync my bookmarks between browsers and operating systems.

Recover lost bookmarks in Firefox

This article deals with lost or missing bookmarks, recovery methods and prevention. If changes you make to your bookmarks are not being saved or if you can't add new bookmarks, see the article Bookmarks not saved. If you got a message that your profile was already in use, created a new profile and now your bookmarks and other data are missing, read the article Profile in use.

Bookmark Sync and Sort: Bookmarks synchronisation with privacy

If you have more than one computer or run more than one operating system (for example, Linux and Windows on a dual-boot machine), you probably need to keep the bookmarks in your browsers on the different platforms in sync. Firefox has several add-ons that can help you.

Expand the Add Bookmark Dialog in Firefox by Default

If you are reading this article you are probably annoyed that every single time you add a bookmark in Firefox you have to click on the expand button to show the folder list before you can actually locate the folder to put the bookmark in.

Keeping Opera bookmarks in sync with oSync

If you use the Opera browser on multiple machines, you'll inevitably run into the problem of keeping your bookmarks in sync.

Automate Adding Bookmarks to

I use to store all of my infrequently used bookmarks, but I've found that browsing by tag just isn't very efficient for me. I always use a full text search through my bookmarks to find what I'm looking for, so what I'm really looking for is a single-click save solution similar to the star button on the Flock browser.

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