iPhone USB / Bluetooth Tethering With Linux

In order for tethering to work, your iPhone must actually have the tethering option enabled. This depends on your network carrier and contract. For iPhone 3.0 OS you can also just install a so-called mobileconfig profile which enables tethering, but this in a gray zone legally.

Setting Up a Bluetooth Mouse

I purchased a Logitech V470 Bluetooth mouse for use with a laptop with an internal Bluetooth radio. Setting up Bluetooth input devices in Ubuntu 8.04 is easy (there’s no command line or config files), but not entirely straightforward.

Howto Setup Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse in Ubuntu

If you have a Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse here is the procedure to follow howto setup in Ubuntu?

Control your Linux PC from your mobile phone with Amora

Standing next to your laptop to control the slides during a presentation is not cool. Nowadays everyone uses a presentation device or their laptop's remote controller, but a presentation device can be expensive, few laptops come with a remote controller, and for those that do, Linux compatibility may be an issue. The Amora project turns your Symbian mobile phone into a Linux presentation device using Bluetooth.

GPRS via Bluetooth enabled phone on Ubuntu Linux (and not only)

This will be a small guide on how to connect to internet using a GPRS over a Bluetooth enabled Phone.

1) First you need to install the necessary tools:

  • - Bluez-utils (sudo apt-get install bluez-utils) (should be installed by default on Ubuntu)
  • - bluez-pin (sudo apt-get install bluez-pin) (not existing anymore I believe)

Disable Bluetooth on Ubuntu 7.10

I’ve been troubleshooting some oddities on my machine this afternoon and one thing I’ve done to try and find some conflicts is remove some often unneeded kernel modules.  I thought I would outline quickly how to disable and permanently remove the bluetooth module for those that don’t use it.  I realize I don’t think I’ve used the bluetooth system on my machine for months, so I may as well just disable the module permanently.

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