10 Free, Open-Source Replacements for Commercial Applications

This is an overview providing 10 Linux open-source replacements for various commercial power tools, most of them available only on Windows.

Apricot - Open-Source Blender Game

Apricot is the newest project from the Blender Institute with the goal to build an open-source game instead of a Blender video this time. The characters used in the game are from the Big Buck Bunny movie, the last free movie developed using Blender under the name Project Peach.

Big Buck Bunny builds a better Blender

Big Buck Bunny is the colorful product of the Peach open movie project: an animated short released online and on DVD. But in addition to the 'toon itself, Peach has produced an altogether different yield: improvements to the Blender 3-D modeling application. Like its predecessor Project Orange, Peach pushed the open source tool forward with the demands of a real-world media production, in a way that hobbyist usage cannot. Could other free software projects use the same model?

Open source Movie: Big Buck Bunny

You may remember the Elephants Dream, the open short movie. It was developed as project Orange at the Happy Blender Institute. Now, a new team working on project Peach at the Blender Institute has published their work: an open short movie Big Buck Bunny.

Book review: The Essential Blender

The Essential Blender from No Starch Press is both a reference and instructional guide to Blender, the open source 3-D modeling, rendering, and animation tool. It walks readers through Blender's capabilities by alternating hands-on tutorials with broader, topical chapters that discuss the key concepts and how Blender implements them. Despite a few flaws, it's a good resource for those struggling with the software.

Blender 3D - Ubuntu Application to Create and Edit 3D Models

Blender is a super nifty graphics application that works really well with Ubuntu and most other Linux operating systems.

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