TimeVault simplifies data backup for Ubuntu users

Backing up data can be difficult, especially when you only want to copy files that changed since the last backup. It can be even more troublesome when you have to remember to start the process manually,or you have to delete old backups to make room for new ones.

Backing Up in Ubunu - FINALLY made Easy with TimeVault: An In-Depth Review with Screenshots

Backing up your data is critical. Hard drives fail, filesystems currupt, and in general, bad things just happen. But until now, there's been no easy way for most people to backup their data in Linux; most backups consisted of rsync tied to a cron job - far too complex for the average user.

Backups on Xubuntu with SBackup

The earth is orbited by many satellites, and every year, many more are sent up into space. Considering the amount of satellites, there is an enormous risk that one of those artificials moons suddenly decides to take a stroll and crashes into your home. I think you’ll agree with me that this would be disastrous - all your precious data would be lost! Your holiday pictures, important documents for school/work and your music collection - all gone!

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