Tool To Backup / Restore Gmail Emails In Linux: `Backup Gmail` [IMAP]

A while back we wrote about backing up a Gmail account using Thunderbird. That doesn't work for restoring but you could at least have access to all your old emails.

Install Sparkleshare In Ubuntu Via PPA (Open Source Cloud Sync - Dropbox Alternative)

Sparkleshare is a tool to synchronize your files in the cloud - like Dropbox or SpiderOak - but unlike these, Sparkleshare is open source and allows you to use your own server. Sparkleshare uses GIT so if you delete/modify some files by accident, you can easily revert the changes. You can use it with your own server, GitHub or Gitorious.

How To Backup Gmail Using Thunderbird

Gmail had some issues a few days ago and reseted some email accounts so many people now want to backup their Gmail account(s). I got this request by email so I though I'd suggest a very simple way to backup your Gmail account: using Thunderbird.


Create A Full System Backup Or Custom Live Ubuntu / Debian CD With Remastersys

I realize many of you probably already know Remastersys, but we decided to make a post on it anyway because it's an amazing tool

Best Linux Backup Tool / Software

Grsync (Rsync GUI) 1.1.0 Ubuntu 9.10 And 10.04 .deb Download

Grsync is an open source rsync GUI (Graphical User Interface) which you can use for file and directory synchronization (for backups, etc.). Grsync 1.1.0 was released 2 days ago and it adds some small new features as well as some bugs fixed:

Grsync: Rsync GUI For Easily Synchronizing (And Backing Up) Folders

Grsync is an open source rsync GUI (Graphical User Interface) which works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Rsync is the well-known and powerful command line directory and file synchronization tool.

You can use it for easily data backup alongside Dropbox.

SpiderOak: Cross Platform Cloud Back-up Solution

We already covered SpiderOak, but only on a quick test, because back then, I didn't see the need for another tool like Dropbox. Read on to see why Dropbox might actually not be enough!

Mound Data Manager Takes Snapshots Of Your Applications For Later Restoring

Mound Data Manager is a tool that can manage data in the context of other applications. You can take snapshots, delete, and move data from many of your favorite applications. As an example: one day, Firefox starts crashing due to a bad add-on or script. With this application, you could restore everything to a previous configuration which didn't encounter these problems.

Click'n'Backup or How Mandriva Made a Fool Out of Ubuntu One

Ever since the launch of Ubuntu One there has been a lot of speculation about it..

Cross-platform Backup Utility: fwbackups

fwbackups is a feature-rich user backup program that allows you to backup your documents anytime, anywhere. It is completely free to download and use without any sort of trial or restrictions.

Pybackpack - A user friendly file backup tool for Ubuntu Linux Desktop

A graphical tool to make file backup simpler. Provides a user-friendly interface which allows you to back up your files easily to an archive, to a CD/DVD or to a remote location using SSH.

FEBE - Backup your entire Firefox profile!

Firefox Environment Backup Extension, better known in the community as FEBE is a Firefox extension that has served me well for a long time now. It does as its name would suggest, you are given the option to selectivly backup elements of your profile, or the entire thing. Mine has been scheduled to do so every evening, keeping at least a weeks worth.

Configuring Automated backup with TimeVault

Timevault is an automatic backup utility that takes a snapshot of your current filesystem or directory for pre-defined amount of time, which can be used later to retrieve damaged files or folders. Timevault is in beta stage of development and can be downloaded from After installation you need to logout and log in back to finish installation and you will find timevault icon on the systray:

Areca: Linux desktop backups made easy

There are some desktop backup tools available for Linux, but most of them are not developed anymore. Areca however is under constant development and also provides a user friendly GUI.

Flyback - Snapshot-based backup tool based on rsync

FlyBack is a snapshot-based backup tool based on rsync It creates successive backup directories mirroring the files you wish to backup, but hard-links unchanged files to the previous backup. This prevents wasting disk space while providing you with full access to all your files without any sort of recovery program. If your machine crashes, just move your external drive to your new machine and copy the latest backup using whatever file browser you normally use.

Bacula: backups that don't suck

Good systems administrators know that implementing a robust backup procedure is one of their most important duties. Unfortunately, it's also one of the most complex and least fun. When the phone rings and there's a panic-stricken user on the other end who has just lost a crucial document, you need to be confident that you can promptly recover his missing files. Failure to do so can bring about a speedy end to a promising career in systems administration. So what's a budding sysadmin to do? Download the latest release of Bacula and watch those backup woes disappear into the dark of night.

HUBackup - Backup application for Ubuntu Home Users

HUBackup is short for Home User Backup System. As the name implies, this is a very simple, concise and easy to use backup application that uses the renowned and proven dar (Disk ARchive) to do the actual archiving. Emphasis has been on providing true and reliable progress indication throughout all operations, as well as the ability to cancel any operation at any given point. HUBackup mainly concerns with backing up your home folder data, allowing you to restore it in case of data loss.

What's the right filesystem for your portable backup drive?

So you just bought an external hard drive for backups. Now, with what filesystem should you format it? Ext2? FAT32? No matter which one you choose, there are trade-offs to consider.

Automatic FTP Backup System - A Very Simple Solution

Earlier last week I was reading some posts in a web hosting forum “Site Backup - Virtual Private Servers (VPS)“, within the post a forum member was trying to facilitate an automated backup system for his important files. In this case they were web based files.

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