Guide to KDE Autostarting

One of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about KDE is how to start applications when the user logs into a KDE session. The answer is not always as straightforward as one would hope, and sometimes quite scattered across several sources. This guide attempts to complete guide to how to manage sessions and autostart applications in KDE, as well as to provide a central reference for links related to the topic.

Automounting FUSE filesystems

One of the main things that gets annoying with FUSE, or Filesystem in Userspace, is that it won't automatically mount a filesystem when you first attempt to access the filesystem. This means you must manually track mountpoints and specify what program to run in order to mount each FUSE filesystem. Placing the exact commands to mount each FUSE filesystem into shell scripts can make things a little easier, but with afuse, you can mount FUSE filesystems on demand without the need for any explicit mounting.

Howto Turn Off Auto-Play of CDs,DVDs and iPods in Ubuntu

Ubuntu automatically starts playing audio or video discs when you insert them into CD/DVD drive.If you want to turnoff this use the following tip.

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