NeonView 0.2.0 Image Viewer First Version Released

This first release, codenamed ‘Betta splendens’, includes just a handful of features for now, however it is the base on which development of more advanced features will take place. Still, the goal of NeonView is to remain clean and lightweight, while also trying to implement only the needed functions that a simple image viewer should have.

Appnr Launches!

Appnr is the Web based tool and a service that install the application on Ubuntu.

Controlling desktop applications with six degrees of freedom

Six degrees of freedom (6DOF) devices allow for movement in three axes, tilt in two axes, and rotation in the third. Some of these devices look like small joysticks -- for example, the SpaceNavigator. These devices are typically used for computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) and other 3-D applications. With a new programming library, you can now also use them with Linux applications.

Start Applications That Need Root Privileges in KDE 4.0

In my list of ten tips for KDE 4.0, number 10 was a workaround for the fact that launching an application from the menu that needs to be run as root would cause KDE to refuse your password.

Theme Applications Running as Root in Ubuntu

Once you start installing new GTK themes in Ubuntu, you will notice that applications that run as root, such as the Synaptic Package Manager, look unthemed and ugly. This is because although the root user is hidden in Ubuntu, it is still technically a separate user with separate appearance settings.

To fix this, run these three commands in a terminal. They will cause your own theme, font, and icon preferences to always be used by the root user:

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