Ubuntu 8.04 - How to Setup the World Clock Applet?

Ubuntu Hardy Heron sports an improved system clocks applet that now supports viewing of time in multiple locations. Further, the clock applet on Ubuntu 8.04 can also give you Weather details about the location. This new feature may come really handy for some users that work with distant bosses who’re in a different timezone.

Lesser-known Gnome Panel Applets can improve your desktop

The Gnome Desktop Environment comes with a set of default panel applets included. A little searching in your distribution´s repositories and on the Internet will uncover a few extra applets which are not included in the official Gnome offering, but which you may find very useful all the same. Let's take a brief look at some of them.

Main Menu Applet: Preferences and Administration

The gnome main menu applet was created as another effort for people to try and use awn and get rid of all their gnome bars. Well as another stride in this direction more has been added to this applet.

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