DockBarX Applet 0.43 Released With Helpers, Media Buttons

DockBarX 0.40 Has Been Released


DockBarX 0.40 has been released last night, bringing the following changes:

-The default theme has changed. The new default theme DBX is made by BigRZA. It's made to look good with Radiance and Ambiance. (The old default theme is still included under the name Old.)

-Another theme by BigRZA, Sunny Colors is also included by default

Panflute: Control Your Favourite Music Player From The Gnome Panel

Your favourite music player is not supported by the new Ubuntu 10.10 sound menu or not using Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat yet?

Window Applets 0.2.8 Released With 6 New Themes

DockBarX Gets Closer To Version 0.40 Stable (DockBarX 0.39.8 aka 0.40 RC, Released)

AWN Window Manager (Tile) - New Avant Window Navigator Applet

Indicator Weather Update Brings Many Changes, Bug Fixes

The latest Weather Indicator (which we've covered 

Install A Weather Indicator Applet With Notifications Support In Ubuntu


weather indicator applet


Install The Sezen Applet (Zeitgeist Search) From A PPA [Ubuntu]

For all those who had problems compiling the Sezen Applet from source, we have set up the package in a PPA which will from now on hold git / non-released packages for different applications (for now it just holds the Sezen Applet and the required dependencies).

DockBarX Adds Zeitgeist Integration [Ubuntu .deb Download]

Download Window Applets Ambiance Theme

Window Applets (which we've covered before) are 2 separate applets f

Battery Status 0.1 Released - Improved Battery Applet For The Gnome Desktop

DockBarX 0.30 Released With Window Previews And A Lot More


PulseAudio Mixer Applet Lets You Change The Volume Of Individual Applications From The Gnome Panel

pulseaudio mixer applet

Talika 0.22 Adds Grouping Of Similar Windows, Close Window On Middle-Click And More


Talika is a Gnome Panel applet which displays only opened windows icons, instead of the usual icon + window name way of displaying opened windows

Yet Another Window Applet For Gnome

I used some Compiz settings and Namebar to hide the Windows titlebars and display the window title and buttons on the Gnome panel.

Caffeine 1.0 For Linux Released

Caffeine is a Gnome applet which basically prevents your computer's screensaver and power saving to activate. The applet works simple but effective: a coffee-cup will be displayed and when you click it, the coffee-cup fills up and keeps your computer from going to sleep.


'Show Desktop' Applet For Docky (Gnome-Do)

docky show desktop

Change Gnome Calendar Week Start Day to Monday [How to]

If you set your language to English (US), Gnome Calendar applet starts the week with Sunday, which is ok for USA but not for the rest of us and unfortunately there is no option in the applet to change this.

At-A-Glance System Monitoring With Panel Applets

I like to keep on top of my machines health.  I like to do this without programs getting in my way, or dedicating desktop space to monitoring applications.  The way I’ve found to do this simply and effectively is with the System Monitor panel Applet.

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