Ubuntu Ambiance / Radiance Themes Are Now Borderless [Ubuntu 11.04 Updates]

Remember Borderless Elementary? It was quite a success and I'm not sure if that's where the Ubuntu devs got the idea from, but update today in Ubuntu 11.04 removes the borders for the Ubuntu "Light" themes:

Ambiance And Radiance Themes No Longer Need Special Fixing After Today's Update [Ubuntu]

The Ubuntu light-themes: Ambiance and Radiance got an update today which finally fixes the border around the Metacity buttons, meaning you can now place them in any order without the need to edit the theme in GIMP to fix the border around the maximize button.

Fixed Ubuntu Light Themes Metacity PPA [Lucid, Karmic, Jaunty]

I just posted about a PPA which has a fixed Light Themes package for Lucid, but that PPA doesn't have packages for Karmic and Jaunty and also that package replaces the original Light Themes.

Mohegan asked if we could upload a fixed light-themes package in the WebUpd8 PPA and so we did, but we tried to please as many people as we can, so:

Automatic Changing Ambiance and Radiance Script

I really like the two new Ubuntu themes (Ambiance and Radiance) and I for once can't decide which one to use. So to use them both, I've modified the script created for New Wave Chronos to use the Radiance theme from 6 A.M. to 5 P.M. and Ambiance from 5 P.M. to 6 A.M.

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