Xfce4 Composite Editor: Easily Change Compositor Settings Not Available Via Window Manager Tweaks [Xfce]

Xfce4 Composite Editor is a tool that lets you easily tweak various Xfce window manager compositor settings that are not available in the Window Manager Tweaks settings panel.

Inky to Update Users on Progress of Linux App

Linux users interested in innovative desktop mail app Inky are now able to sign up for updates on its progress. 

Survey Shows Strong Developer Interest in Ubuntu Touch, Firefox OS

App developers have signalled strong interest in developing for Ubuntu Touch, a recent survey shows.

19% of those quizzed said they were ‘very interested’ in creating apps for the platform, ranking it higher than both Blackberry 10 and the Intel-backed Tizen.

Oops! Walmart Website Pimps Ubuntu Touch on Nexus 4 Listing

OMG! Ubuntu! reader Darren Shipp spotted something a little off when browsing the Walmart website recently.

In the on-site listing for a refurbished Nexus 4 tablet he noticed a familiar-looking image in the product gallery: Ubuntu Touch for tablets.

Oops! Walmart Website Pimps Ubuntu Touch on Nexus 10 Listing

OMG! Ubuntu! reader Darren Shipp spotted something a little off when browsing the Walmart website recently.

In the on-site listing for a refurbished Nexus 10″ tablet he noticed a familiar-looking image in the product gallery: Ubuntu Touch for tablets.

How to install ajenti (Similar to Webmin) on ubuntu 13.04 server

Ajenti is a simple open source web based administration tool for managing ubuntu servers and this is similar to webmin.This is having nealy 35 plugins to monitor different servers (Including HTTP,DNS etc).


Lubuntu, Kubuntu Decide Against Mir Switch

US Mobile Network Joins Ubuntu Touch Advisory Group

Three international mobile networks, including one from the US, have joined the Ubuntu Touch ‘Carrier Advisory Group’.

Unnamed companies from Australia, Indonesia and North America have gained membership of the forum, offering them the chance to help shape the direction and feature set of Canonical’s fledgling mobile OS.

New CAG members from US, Indonesia and Australia

Very briefly – had an excellent show at Mobile Asia Expo. Very valuable feedback from carrier partners on our progress with Ubuntu’s mobile experience and ecosystem. And just heard that a US operator has joined our advisory group – alongside recent additions from Indonesia and Australia. So that means we have partners who cover parts of Asia, most of Europe, North  and South America.

MiniTube Adds Account-Free Subscription, Heads to Ubuntu Software Centre

MiniTube on the Ubuntu Desktop

MiniTube has been updated with a rather nifty new feature: account-free channel subscriptions.

XMir will be Default in Ubuntu 13.10, Fallback X Session to be Removed from Ubuntu 14.04 LTS!

Canonical is moving faster than anybody would have thought. Mir was introduced as a proof of concept display-server earlier this year, which Canonical plans to deploy slowly across their products. Now they claim that Mir is good enough to be deployed in the next major release, Ubuntu 13.10 ie. Fortunately, there will be a fallback session to X too when there is no driver support.

DNSTOP – Stay on top of your DNS Traffic

dnstop is a libpcap application (ala tcpdump) that displays various tables of DNS traffic on your network. Currently dnstop displays tables of:


Half Life 2 & Sequels Turn Stable on Steam for Linux

Half Life 2, a popular first-person-shooter game made by Valve, has migrated from beta to stable release on Steam for Linux.

S06E18 – A Midsummer Night’s Ubuntu

We’re back with the eighteenth episode of Season Six of the Ubuntu Podcast from the UK LoCo Team! Alan PopeMark Johnson, Tony Whitmore, and 

Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander Switching To Mir Display Server By Default

The Ubuntu developers have announced today that they plan to deliver Mir display server by default in Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander with XMir, an implementation of X running or Mir.


How To Install GTK3 With Broadway (HTML5) Backend Enabled In Ubuntu

Starting with version 3.2, GTK+ comes with an experimental "Broadway" backend that allows rendering GTK3 applications in HTML5-capable browsers, so you can run applications remotely, using only a web browser.

Install GIMP 2.8.6 In Ubuntu [PPA]

GIMP 2.8.6 has been released recently, bringing many bug fixes and small enhancements. In this release, the single-window mode has received special attention and some annoyances, like the close button not quitting GIMP or the right docks not keeping their size, have been fixed.

Kubuntu Not Switching To Mir Display Server

Kubuntu won't be switching to Mir / XMir, has announced Jonathan Riddell, the main Kubuntu developer, in a recent blog post.

2nd-Gen i5-Powered MintBox Unveiled

The second generation of the Linux Mint-branded mini-pc has been shown off.

Mir To Ship As Default Display Server in Ubuntu 13.10

Mir is to ship as the default display server in Ubuntu 13.10, Ubuntu engineers have today announced.

Google Drive Linux Petition Now 10k Signatures Strong, Google Yet to Respond

Over 10,000 people have signed a petition asking Google for a native Linux version of their desktop Drive client.

The petition argues that ‘no [computing] minority should be under represented’.

How You Can Help Improve Linux Video Editor PiTiVi Right Now

Does open-source video editor PiTiVi need improving? If so, in what way?

2ping – A bi-directional ping utility

2ping is a bi-directional ping utility. It uses 3-way pings (akin to TCP SYN, SYN/ACK, ACK) and after-the-fact state comparison between a 2ping listener and a 2ping client to determine which direction packet loss occurs.


3 Extra Games Added to Humble Bundle with Android 6

We’re one week into the latest Humble Bundle offer – the sixth in their  ’…with Android‘ series – which means it’s extra bonus games time!

Ubuntu to Consolidate Web Account Services Under ‘Ubuntu One’ Brand

Ubuntu Single Sign On

Canonical has announced plans to group its user-facing account services under one unified branding.

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