Access and Synchronize packages through Apt-get and Synaptic

If you already dont know about, it is a great site to download the latest software, not many people know this but you can use getdeb's mirrors as repositories to sync your GetDeb packages with the update manager and

Drastically Improve Ubuntu Feisty 7.04 Performance with the performance patchset by Con Kolivas

My Ubuntu Box was running slower than I thought I could tweak it, so what I did was look for some good patchsets and I seen some conflicting results with cfs and ck and decided to test a few benchmarks and the ck patchset is a little more responsive than cfs on my system. I have supplied a link @ the end of this post with statistics and discussions about cK vs cfs...

Picking the Kernel thats Right for You (Possible Speed Increase)

This is about messing with the kernel and that can be tricky business. Has never messed up for me, but it is a little nerdy. Look here if you want to learn and maybe get a speed boast (or if you have a dual core/dual processor/hyperthreading machine because you WILL get a performance boost). Use at you own risk, I am not a kernel developer or anything. - Mark Shuttleworth

PC-BSD the Ubuntu killer?

I was just on today looking around to see whats hot, I downloaded a new os called PC-BSD, it is truly awesome, and believe it or not was almost faster than my host system on vmware, im so happy with it today on my birthday im about to install it on its own partition to see how it works with my wifi. I am a die-hard ubuntu fan but..

Open Source and Microsoft Free

A few weeks ago I posted a few articles about Open Source (Still afraid of Open Source?, Eating my own dog food, and Open Source and loving it!). I have now been Microsoft-Free at work for about 7 weeks. I have also found solutions for almost all of the initial hurdles I encountered in the first week. Here is the list:

Free Ubuntu Stickers

Show your Ubuntu pride !!
FREE strip of four 'powered by Ubuntu' stickers

Linux at the Library?

It seems that a library in a nearby town recently made the switch to Ubuntu. Because Microsoft ended support for Windows 98, the librarian decided to switch to Ubuntu because of its "ease of use" and cost-efficiency. The librarian mentions that she discovered Ubuntu through Digg

Ubuntu Webcast on September 6

This is a bit of a shameless plug, but I wanted to spread the word: I’m hosting a Webcast on Thursday, September 6, that will feature guest speakers from a range of technology backgrounds.

Making Ubuntu Server Work in VirtualBox

VirtualBox is open source virtualization software similar to VMware. I wanted to run a virtual Ubuntu LAMP server for testing, but I ran into a problem with VirtualBox.

Nouveau project hacks away at free Nvidia drivers

Currently, GNU/Linux users with Nvidia graphics cards have two choices: Either use the proprietary drivers and violate their free software principles, or use the free nv driver and do without 3-D acceleration. The Nouveau project is working to overcome this dilemma by producing its own set of fully functional free Nvidia drivers.

Remove locale data from Xfce application menu [optimization]

This article will explain how you can remove the locale data from the xfce applications menu in order to save filespace, and on older systems possibly speed up the applications menu.

Automatically Find the Fastest Repository in Synaptic

Ubuntu offers you the choice of various repository mirrors around the world. Initially I just chose a server close to me in Canada. But is it really the fastest?

Ubuntu Month of Screencasts: Why Ubuntu?



Why should someone consider using Ubuntu

PhpGedView puts your ancestors on the Web

PhpGedView is an open source application that lets you post your genealogy records on your Web site. It has a lot of interesting features, and makes viewing and editing all aspects of your genealogy easy and fun.

Ubuntu Month of Screencasts: Getting Help



Where to go to get help with Ubuntu.

Secure VNC over ssh connection

As VNC is not a secure way to connect to your linux server, you can run VNC over an SSH connection, here is how:

IPBlock - Graphical IP Blocker

iplist allows users with no or basic knowledge of iptables to filter (e.g. to block) network traffic based on (automatically updated) lists. These lists have various formats and are sorted by different categories (e.g. countries, adware, corporations).

Setting up a Dialup Modem in Ubuntu

"This page is designed to help you set up the driver, and configure your dial-up connection over a modem."

Palm cancels Foleo sub-notebook

Palm CEO Ed Colligan announced the cancellation of the company's Foleo mobile companion today in a post on the company's official blog. Colligan cites the need to focus effort on Palm's next-generation smartphone operating system as the reason behind the decision.

Ubuntu's Next version to be named Hardy Heron

This may be a little bit outdated, but the next version (The one after gutsy gibbon) for Ubuntu linux its gona be named Hardy Heron.

New Opera 9.5 alpha ready to download

One of my favorite interenet browsers is Opera (alongside with FireFox), and now after nearly one year on development, Opera 9.5 has been released to public in its alpha versión. Codenamed Kestrel has some cool features.

Check it out and test it.  

Setup Vidalia TOR GUI with Ubuntu and surf anonymously with encrypted proxy chains

Do you want completely anonymous internet access? For Free? Tor is the open source leader to anonymous connections on the internet.

Online Privacy and Security Alert

Ok this is offtopic but its a good read:
As Franklin says, "Those that would give up liberty in the pursuit of security shall have neither."
Recently the government has been infringing on our rights and privacy online globally. This doesnt just effect the United States, the NSA in the United States is and has been logging more than 50% of all internet communications. And most likely All smtp/pop/imap and webmail is probably logged and filtered for certain keywords...

VirtualBox 1.50 Virtualization Solution For Fiesty Fawn & Gutsy Gibbon

There is a new version of virtual box out, I love this freeware virtualization solution that is less bloated and more efficient then Vmware. You really dont need any help installing this and running this, it has the simplest gui ever as you see above. It comes with full documentation, check it out!

125 Nautilus Scripts To Simplify Nautilus

Here is a collection of 125 Nautilus scripts you can use to simplify your Nautilus experience, from simply creating a blank text file, to converting, creating, and encoding video.
Check it out:

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