Software Review: Ubuntu 7.10 "Gutsy Gibbon"

It may have taken a while, but Linux is finally starting to inch its way out of the dark corners of hobbyist computing and onto the battlefield between Microsoft and Apple.

Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon First Impressions

It took me a while to upgrade from 7.04 to 7.10 because Ubuntu servers were so busy. It would even time-out at times. But now it’s done, Gutsy Gibbon is turning out to be a very solid release. I’ve been using Ubuntu since 6.04 and it has definitely gone a long way!

Sun Report Builder: Better reporting in Base is undoubtedly a powerful database application, but when it comes to its built-in reporting engine, words like "underpowered" and "outdated" come to mind. Fortunately, you don't have to put up with this situation any longer: with the Sun Report Builder (SRB) extension, you can add nifty reporting features based on Pentaho reporting engine -- assuming you can figure out how to use it without any help.

deborphan: find packages you don’t want

If you’ve been reading debaday for a while, chances are you now have a heap of packages installed that you’ve tried out, some of which you want to keep installed, and some of which you have forgotten.

Dell to ship 7.10 soon

With the release of 7.10, many have been wondering if Dell will ship 7.10. Well, the answer to that question has been answered, according to a DesktopLinux story. Anne Camden of Dell corporate communications said:

First 7.10 reviews have started to roll in

With the release of 7.10 yesterday, it is not terribly shocked we have already started to see reviews.

With the massive amount of interest in Ubuntu, this means some of the mirrors have been a little slow. CLICK picked up on this story, remarking that it was similar to the 7.04 release period.

Ubuntu Month of Screencasts: Installing Xubuntu



Complimenting our existing screencasts on installing Ubuntu, this screencast shows installing Xubuntu, and covers:-

  • Downloading the Xubuntu installation CD ISO image
  • Installing Xubuntu using the live CD
  • An overview of some applications installed with the Xubuntu desktop
  • Installing Xubuntu using the alternate CD
  • Resolving video card driver and resolution problems after an installation
  • Customising the Xubuntu desktop
  • Using some command line utilities to manage the system

Note: This screencast shows some use of the command line (terminal) in Xubuntu. If you are uncomfortable using the command line, then please seek additional assistance.

Ubuntu 7.10 + WINE vs. Windows XP

This week's release of Ubuntu 7.10 "Gutsy Gibbon" is a significant win for the free software community. Not only does this release incorporate an updated package set -- most notably with the Linux 2.6.22 kernel and GNOME 2.20, but it also delivers on new desktop innovations from BulletProofX and displayconfig-gtk to Compiz Fusion being enabled by default on supported systems.

However, for those business professionals and gamers that remain dependent on some Windows-only binary applications, the WINE (WINE Is Not An Emulator) project has been making some excellent headway into supporting Windows applications on the Linux desktop. With Ubuntu 7.10 and WINE 0.9.46 in hand, we had set out to compare the performance between Windows XP and Gutsy Gibbon with WINE on two popular DirectX benchmarks.

How To Upgrade Ubuntu 7.04 to Ubuntu 7.10 on Ubuntu Server

It was pointed out to me this morning that my previous Ubuntu upgrade instructions did not include upgrading Ubuntu Server. I thought I’d take a second and type those up as well. They are pretty simple (as all of the upgrade options intend to be), so you really shouldn’t need to do much.

Easily View Source of Included Files in Firefox

In the web development world, most of the design isn't in the page HTML anymore, it's been moved to the included CSS and Javascript files. The problem is that when you want to take a peek into the code there's not a really simple way to view those CSS/JS files.

Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon: Critical review

Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon has been released today. I haven’t tested any alpha or beta versions of the new product from Canonical. I have decided to wait for the Release Candidate, since this has proved to work for me in the past. In short: it did not disappoint me. The new Ubuntu is more polished, more professional and in general, better than the previous one, which was already a great OS. Minor glitches? Present, as always.

Welcome back, user-defined motion paths in OpenOffice Impress 2.3

Back in the good old days of 1.x, you could draw a line, then draw an object, and make the object move along whatever line that was. It was great.

Then the lovely redesign of Impress came, and that user-defined motion path feature got lost along the way.  It was a sad time.

Kubuntu 7.10 (gutsy gibbon) Screenshots Tour

Kubuntu is a user friendly operating system based on KDE, the K Desktop Environment. With a predictable 6 month release cycle and part of the Ubuntu project, Kubuntu is the GNU/Linux distribution for everyone.

This screenshots tour includes internet multimedia,graphics,system applications,network application and other applications.

Making Your New iPod Work In Gutsy

There was an article a few weeks ago about the newer iPods and how Apple changed the crypto hash for them which made them incompatible with current versions of Linux software. Well, there has been a lot of work to make them functional under Linux, and now here's a quick How-To on getting these fixes installed on your Gutsy installation.

  1. Go and download the libgpod and rhythmbox packages from
  2. Install the python-mutage package via apt 'sudo aptitude install python-mutagen'
  3. Use 'sudo dpkg -i /path/to/debs/*.deb' to install each of these packages.
  4. Now, you should be able to fire up RhythmBox and sync your iPod and have it work without the dreaded "No Music" message showing up.

Simple home networking with SSH

The Secure Shell (SSH) network protocol makes it easy to connect computers that are running Linux, share files, and remotely run applications. Along with an X server, it can make sharing a single computer simple on a home network.

A Christian's View on Ubuntu Muslim Edition

While the world of Linux is going crazy over the new Ubuntu 7.10, I’m going to step backward to review a distro which is based on the Ubuntu 7.04. The name is Ubuntu ME. It is a free/open source operating system dedicated to Muslims, with customized features such as a Quran study tool and a web content filtering utility. Now why am I doing a review on a Muslim-based distribution while in fact I am a devout Christian?

Ubuntu Forums: New Record

The release of Gutsy has broken the record for the most user on-line at the Ubuntu Forums.

How To Upgrade To Ubuntu 7.10 “Gutsy Gibbon” (Gnome, KDE and Manual Steps)

I wanted to outline instructions on how to upgrade from Ubuntu 7.04 to Ubuntu 7.10. The upgrade steps try to be very user friendly and can be done without any manual “command line trickery”. Upgrading using these methods are only supported for machines currently running Ubuntu 7.04.

Ubuntu 7.10 released!

In case you missed the flurry of release announcements, Ubuntu 7.10 (sometimes known to its friends as Gutsy Gibbon) has been released.

Anway, check out the following announcement for the news:

Ubuntu and the future of the Linux desktop

I will admit to being a Linux desktop nonbeliever. It feels a bit like yesterday's battle fought with the wrong weapons: geekiness rather than ease of use. There's a chance--still a slim one, but a chance nonetheless--that Ubuntu will change that.

Top 10 Gutsy Forum Feature Requests Revisited

A while back I posted about my top 10 feature requests for Gutsy on the Ubuntu Forums. Gutsy has brought some great new features to Ubuntu many of which I did not include in my original top 10 feature requests but if I was to do it again I probably would.

Keyboard Ninja: Use StumbleUpon With The Toolbar Hidden

If you haven't heard of StumbleUpon you are probably still a very productive person. If you want to make your time wasting sessions slightly more efficient, you can use the keyboard to stumble instead of clicking the Stumble! button.

Ubuntu 7.10 “Gutsy Gibbon” is released! - A Review

Well, that time has finally come, and the latest release of Ubuntu, version 7.10, codenamed “Gutsy Gibbon” is finally out, officially, for real, as certified personally by members of the release team on IRC! Please use bittorrent to download it if possible, as the server load is immense (as you can imagine). Detailed torrent info with hashes is available here.

10 Rocking Features in 10 Days: The killer feature - the Ubuntu community

Tomorrow is the launch of Ubuntu 7.10. We have taken a look at all the cool features that make 7.10 so cool, we come to the best feature of all: the community.

So why is the community the best feature?

How to turn on Compiz Fusion and get great custom effects in Ubuntu’s Gutsy Gibbon

So you want to get extra cool effects using Compiz Fusion as it’s built into your new Ubuntu 7.1o install but you’re unsure how to get more than a few wobbly windows or how to even turn on wobbly windows? Here’s the quick way to do it.

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